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    • I began in the auto business working a the auto companies. I was in many Detroit plants over the years...Lynch Road, for one. I was also in the Mercedes plant in Stuttgart (3 times), the BMW plant in Munich (Twice), the Mercedes port in Breman once, and both BMW and Mercedes plant in South Carolina and Alabama (Twice). Plus, I've been through the Honda Marysville Plant (Twice).

      So your company was in Troy? That's nice. I've spent many nights at the Troy Hilton.

      Someone from your team? If it wasn't Y-O-U, I'm not impressed. Your info would be second-hand at best.

      Also, it's nice of you to think in-ground lifts and automated parts-picking machines are plug-ins. The in-grounds cost at least $15,000 apiece. THe parts picker costs around $350,000. Goes to show you how much YOU know about the high-tech pieces of machinery necessary for luxury car service departments!

    • Come on Hoss you may have been a car salesman, but doesn't sound like you've really been around the manf. PLANT (not dealership) engineering side. These aren't off the shelf products you plug in your dealership wall. They are CUSTOM designed assembly/paint lines. Firm was based in TROY michigan, and someone from our team was always responsible to assure automation was installed to spec and operating correctly, not to mention the occasional issue.

    • Oh, and since you said you were a part of the engineering team, since when are engineers sent to install equipment? In all my years in the auto business, I never once saw an engineer show up to install any shop equipment.I thought that was the territory of installation teams? Guess I must be dreaming, huh, Hoss?

      Maybe you worked for some special company that designed, built, AND installed everything themselves? LOL!

    • And this provides you what sort of insights to talk about the inside of an auto plant?

    • Think about Hoss we designed the AUTOMATION, and supervised installation, test, and validation.

    • So I'll ask you again. What is your reference point to you actually ever being in an automotive production plant?

    • Well, if you insist, yes. Long ago, I actually worked for a company that specialized in manufacturing engineering. Bread and butter was automated factor design for the automotive industry. They were particularly sought after for robot integration and the paint line/plant, but employed thousands of engineers doing all those very specific and painfully accurate drawings. We even had a build shop, but the drawing boards were always more profitable.

    • The truth? I didn't watch the video. Besides, I've read KLANGKY, for months, do nothing but mention dirty, grimy dealerships. When I read your post, it reminded me of the very same thing. I assumed it about service shops all over again.

      That said, the point is the continual analogy of dirt/dealers, grime/ICE components. In any case, you've never been to ANY auto plant in your life, have you? Simply answer the question.

    • Sorry Mrs Hoss, he's still not telling the truth :-(

      Guess you'll have to wait a while to get your wish. FYI, if things get too frustrating for you, the state of Oregon does offer legalized euthanasia. Best of luck dear.

    • My name is not Hoss, you worm. And I wasn't wrong about anything. No one mentioned factory or dealership until AFTER I responded

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