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  • Networthdev Networthdev Apr 12, 2011 5:22 PM Flag

    Tesla Roadster Wins Monaco Green Race

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    • Anybody now where the next race will be?

    • TOO funny drill sergeant, and predictable/helpful. Down to earth....LOL

    • Sir, if you truly believe that, your a bigger fool than I took you for originally.

      Try leaving California and come to God's wonderland, North Carolina and the Smokies. We will put you to work as a volunteer helping those less fortunate than you and there are a lot like that here, especially the Military families here at Camp LeJuene. Good honest volunteer work where you get your hands dirty would be good for you and bring you down to earth.

    • Oh Coach, there you go describing yourself again. P.S. We all know that's you.

    • Your correct about one thing sir, you are a complete joke and laughing stock of this board. I've never seen anyone dance around their response like you do sir. In fact, I don't think you know how to respond other than with another question. You are like a hot air ballon full of themselves and full of nothing by hot air. When comfronted by someone, all you know how to repond is to call them a joke, etc.

      You too serve me well, by continuing to be the joke that you are with each and every respoonse.

    • Gee, this is a great RACE story, can you imagine the press when we win our first NASCAR race, or Le Mans, Indy 500, :-) etc....

    • Nope. your a joke, but serve my purpose, even tough you don't KNOW it.

    • Apparantly better than you can do guy.

    • That the best you can do. LOL

    • NASCAR fans would boo this car right off the infield.

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      • I went to Indianapolis 500's as a little kid and have always remembered them. I still remember nice crowds who had a grand time but still cringed at accidents and guys scrambling up the fence to get out of harm's way.

        So how about the 500? Suppose you had a car with two-four Roadster/S motors with more cooling and a quick change battery pack with twice the stored energy as the 300 mile pack. You don't really care about battery life past the race, but you do care about safety. How many battery changes would be required? They could change faster than a methanol tank could refuel. How many motors be enough? Just use more of the standard ones to keep costs possible up to four, say. The cars lend themselves to telemetering data too which is useful. ???

        So where are we?

        I think we need a transmission because of the speed range from start. We see that the S doesn't need a transmission, but the Roadster could have used one in Europe to get both super acceleration from 0 and a really high top speed, useless or not. It apparently wasn't worth the money.

        So what would it be up against?
        1994 Indy Car Specifications: (where's 2011?)
        length= 190" to 195"
        height= 32"
        width= 78.5"
        weight= 1550 lbs. Weight distribution 45% front and 55% in rear.
        rear wing height(Speedway)= 32"
        rear wing height (Oval/Road)= 36"
        Turbocharged 4-cycle overhead camshaft with a maximum of 8 cylinders with 4 valves per cylinder. Illmor, Chevy, Ford and Honda reflect these specifications. These engines produce 750-800 horsepower at 12,800 rpms with a top speed of 240 mph. Car performance = 0-60 mph in 2 seconds and 0-100 mph in 4 seconds.
        But in 2011
        It reads like all the engines are alike now. They have 6 speed transmissions and the engines are up to 12000 RPM.
        Valvoline methanol is required (ethanol since 2007). Each fuel tank can hold a maximum of 40 gallons of fuel and each car must have a minimum fuel efficiency of 1.8 miles per gallon.

        I think the weight of the batteries here may be a killer if that's a max weight spec. The spec'ed 2011 500 engines are supposed to last 1400 miles. So if we didn't care about the electric motors lasting longer than that and used more expensive insulation and ran them at much higher temp what would we get? How about a pricier magnetic material?

        My feeling is that it's conceivable but very very pricey and wouldn't sell any cars. Customized parts would be necessary with little or nothing from production - everyting is too specialized at this level. And the battery weight might be too much unless higher power density batteries were used and quick changed. Are all the Indy cars now from outside the US as well as the engines? Apparently it's just too expensive for less than larger car company units to do it.

      • NO WAY, it's AMERICAN ingenuity and AMERICAN made versus, AMERICAN TAX PAYER PAID for.

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