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    • So much for taking off the rose colored glasses. My man, that report is based on a press release authored by TSLA on a service called "Businesswire." Some lazy reporters, prompted by high gas, quoted it, but it's a joke

      Tesla has an overpriced car in the works, not yet in production vs apple with perhaps hundreds of millions of units sold of phones, computers, components, software, etc over a period of decades.

      Get real.

    • You're a real beauty, Networth. I'm a tree hugger? That's NOT what anyone who's worked with me would say.

      I don't need a pill, pal. I'm simply watching this opera play out.

      I've seen clueless people in my life. but I have to admit I've never quite come upon someone as far outin space as you. You constantly talk about all the so-called facts you print. Yet, you can't even answer the most simple business operation questions. Why is that? You have such blinders on you can't, for one second, acknowledge that I "might" know a little something about this business. that's ok. i don't mind. This will all come home to roost soon. And you'll become a ghost.

    • There you are, back to your PLEASANT dealership personality, Coach, Coach, Coach, please take a PILL, it's only Monday, you'll not last the week at this rate.

      Admit it, YOU ARE a TREE HUGGER, unless it's been done before, it CAN'T be accomplished. It's a good thing you weren't Ben Franklin, we would have never gotten, electricity, bifocals, swim fins, the Airmonica, lightning rods, better fire places, etc, etc,

    • Bigsack, Tesla will have to conquest current luxury owners/ leassors. That means they're most certainly upside-down. Tesla originally said they weren't taking trades. I said here it was a huge mistake. They've softened their stance to look at a 3rd party appraiser...which is still a huge mistake! But, because of this trade-in issue, the potential buyer will have no choice but to cough up the upside-down money, or tell the Tesla kiosk person to pound sand!

      To sell 20,000 4drs, Tesla will need to get real smart, real fast. Given the dearth of auto experience in that company, they'll be at the wailing wall daily when/if the 4dr is ever built!

    • "They" are accurate? Who's "they', Networth? Are you talking about the folks who have never worked in the auto business? Are you talking about the folks who have no clue about the retail end of a business? Those people? Accurate about what, Networth? None of you have ever answered any of my retail-related questions....NOT ONE!

      Well, THEY would be all of you cheerleaders shamelessly touting a company that has yet to make any kind of distinction in automotive retailing.....a company that has yet to produce its first product....a company that can't make money.

      You're so far down the food chain, you have to look up to see bottom.

    • No, just that they are accurate.

    • Oh, my mistake. When I initially talked about my auto experience, YOU didn't call me a liar? YOU didn't say I ddn't know what ai was talking about? And after you were pretty certain I WAS in the auto business, you didn't change your story to say I was out of touch, a car salesman, a washout?

      Tell me? What gave you the right to say those things? Was it because of you NOT ever being in the business. Is that was it was?

    • No, we are not abusive and ill mannered, but if you look those two terms up in Webster's dictionary, you will find ballcoach_3... as a 2nd derivative definition.

    • LOL! Keep fishing, Networth. Abusive? Ill-mannered? Just because I might not agree with you, I'm not abusive. Just because I've been in the business a number of years and I express my viewpoint, doesn't make me abusive and ill-mannered.

      When YOU and your brethern jump me because I express my viewpoint, you all are most certainly abusive, and very very ill-mannered. When you don't believe a thing I say, you all are most certainly abusive and ill-mannered.

      Think about that!

    • Coach, in reality, you gave yourself away a LONG time ago. I should have know that someone so abusive and ill mannered could NEVER really have been in charge of a dealership. What happened, did TSLA not hire you as a car salesmen?

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