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  • rm1280 rm1280 May 23, 2011 11:11 AM Flag

    Tesla: it's an Eclipse remake (part 1)

    Can't take time to read that... especially if you've got your money placed in a bet that doesn't conform to the ideas. You've just admitted that you're no informed investor, just a hustler in the wings.

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    • “… especially if you've got your money placed in a bet that doesn't conform to the ideas.”

      I think what you’re saying is that you aren’t interested in a point of view that doesn’t “conform” to yours? I’m cool with that, truly. I do believe TSLA is on track to be a value destroyer in the longer term. You don’t see it that way, and don’t want to hear from someone who doesn’t “conform”.

      No worries.

      But the “hustler” part is interesting. Might you elucidate? I’ve been pretty clear about where I stand:

      (1) Pure EVs are technically and operationally impractical for most drivers based on affordable technology. Even massive government subsidies don’t get them where they need to be. Ergo, a pure EV company is a poor bet for many years to come.

      (2) Tesla has some brilliant engineering and I admire their work. But they are far short of having a viable production and business plan. Their gross underestimation of the cost of entering the global automotive market will be their downfall.

      (3) Further, Tesla’s technical barrier to entry is much lower than believed by non-technical VC authorities.

      (4) I strongly support practical electrification of the global auto fleet (and I am invested in it), perhaps with pure EVs being sensible for a meaningful fraction of the driving public in a decade or so, but no sooner.

      (5) Even a comparatively modest investment by the standards of the world’s major auto companies, who drop $800m-$1.5B for a new model, will quickly close any gaps for “boutique” EV sales of high-value products such as the S model.

      (6) All that aside, in the short run TSLA could boom in share price on the slightest good news, such is the propensity of the “greentech investment” bug. Like iVillage and WebVan, it won’t endure, but to bet against TSLA in the immediate term is a wild gamble.

      I’m working on how the “hustler” part fits. Do help, please. BTW, if you can assist in the collection of my TSLA hater payment, I’d be much obliged.

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      • You mistake my comments. They were directed at budwashouga. He is the one that couldn't bother to read. I'm prepared to read any sensible comment or report about TSLA, particularly ones that go against my analysis. I've got a big short on and I'll only cover in two cases: 1. if my analysis of the prospects of TSLA significantly change for the better and 2. when it goes bust.

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