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  • sylvianiemec sylvianiemec Jun 13, 2011 10:54 AM Flag

    anyone know why S looks completely different

    Latest pictures shows the S model looking completely different. What does that mean? Reason?

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    • Dud:
      Over $30 briefly today, Straubel dumps another 5k shares.
      Yer fren, Cluelss

    • I really don't like repeating myself endlessly but there are only three requirements to be a real shorter. And I mean a short investor not a short-term-speculator-tax-loss-generator. First is the analysis. Is the market price significantly higher than its real value? Second is: do you have the cash to support your short? You have to have enough cash so that you don't get squeezed out on a margin call. Third and most important: do you have the balls? And that means taking the plunge and initiating a short. And being patient when the price moves significantly above your price. And waiting. And watching. And not closing when you make a minor gain. So there are two questions you need to answer. And if you can't answer them positively then ask yourself why you spend any time doing the analysis? Doing all the work for no gain is not a smart move. It's stupider than doing nothing. So which is it?

    • Of course, these guys all harp on the "start up" story. Start up? For a few years Tesla has been selling vehicles someone else produced. They've been an assembler. What they're attempting to do is monumental in terms of the auto business. To date, aside from a few hand-built Alpha units, nothing much has been talked about. Obviously, it leads to speculation regarding Tesla's ability to actually set up a functional production line. To me, arguing this point means nothing right now. The big question remains....When will the firm production schedule be announced? Personally, I don't see it happening anytime soon. in fact, what I see happening is a PR blurb stating production is being delayed.

    • Dumping would be a decision made in contemporary time to exit a position. Or perhaps the forced exiting of a position because of a margin call or some such urgency.

      A program of acquiring shares through options and selling on a pre-determined schedule, which is declared in advance is different than that. It's a way of getting a paycheck and conserving company cash. Regular payments are made to key employees by such means. It gets them a regular cash income. It's often done, particularly in the high tech industry and in silicon valley firms. There is no "dumping" of shares. It's a series of regular sales of small numbers of shares announced in advance and occuring on a time schedule regardless of current share price.

      You seem totally clueless of such procedures. I'm surprised by that.

    • Pardon me for plagiarizing another comment, but:

      Excuse me, you jest.

      In a Tesla propaganda video uploaded eight plus months the caption across the screen claims "Design Freeze Completed"

      (My personal suspicion is that Tesla's technical employees are so enthralled with their self assessed intelligence, they are unable to recognize when "good enough is best" and will continue to tweak the details until the mid 2012 "delivery date" is unachievable for anything other than a few dozen hand-built cars made be third parties.)

      We'll see. (Place your bets.)

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