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  • ejglaw Jul 8, 2011 1:10 PM Flag

    Product Placement

    Don't know if the promo I saw on TV was for a film or a TV show but the macho hero was making his get away in a Tesla. How did I know that? They had the car's name stenciled on the bottom of the doors. I'm liking the low key approach to advertising.

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    • Repeat and repeat? What else can I say when you guys aren't even adept enough to argue your positions? Just like you talking about 90% of the deposits taking hold. You go so far as to say my auto experience means nothing to you on this board. What's that supposed to mean, Todd?

      I bash because I know what I'm talking about, Todd. Unfortunately, you don't. Your opinions are based on zero auto experience. Moreover, what's annoying about you is your inability to bring any logical insights into any conversation. Now THAT'S annoying! But I let it go because sooner or later you'll get your come-uppance.

      You're not #2 on my list, Todd. You're just another name on a list of blowhards spouting off about something they don't know. Tesla's on a collision course to oblivion and none of you can even see it.

      You're from Kansas? Do you know about either Cecil or Larry Van Tuyl of VTAIG? Yes or No?

    • romanathens Jul 8, 2011 1:47 PM Flag

      Elon had a Cameo in Ironman 2. I'm sure they have done other clever things.

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