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    • Thank-you. We were really upset about Eclipse too. A couple of those small jet companies were just ready to take off when the economy collapsed. You know, summer is kinda nice in ABQ too. They get the monsoon season.

    • Apologies (genuinely) for making the remark -- it was directed generally and not to you specifically.

      Point was that Brammo is pricing a 100mph bike in the range of a 160+mph superbike, and despite that there is no way to mfg it profitably without chasing labor rate. This is not because they have a bad product, but because there is so much cost pressure to overcome in high-performance EVs.

      Alb was also the site of the Eclipse airplane, oddly enough --- another venture by an Information Technology guy. (Just a note; I like your town, especially in the late Fall/ Winter. It's lovely.)

    • Adding another class/dimension of racing is almost always a good thing for the sport. Congrats go to Brammo, who unquestionably make a cool machine, for the breakthrough. Their offering of technical and logistics support to the racing community will go far to help build the brand.

      Mind you, a Ninja 650R will likely get to 60 ALMOST as fast as an Empulse 10.0 (unmodified 650Rs regularly manage 0-60 in mid/high 3 sec with a 160 lb rider), and finish the 440yd sprint well ahead of the sparky bike. It also costs about half as much with a $7200MSRP vs. the $13,995 of the 10.0. (For that matter, you can get a 150mph 1000R and still have $3000 left over compared to the Brammo). Since all sport bikes are toys, price comparison really isn't a primary consideration. If you can afford a toy that costs as much as a really nice used car, you are less concerned about economics. Racers are even less so.

      You also have to admire the quality of hardware on the Brammo and the close attention to weight (420lb for a Brammo vs. 449 for a wet 650R). Some damned good work, that.

      My only real technical issue with the Brammo (and it’s amateur engineering at that) is whether or not they've really thought out weight distribution. The 150lb+ battery is very high on the bike and, if they did what Tesla has done to optimize the bike layout/packaging around the electric drive and eschewed "conventional" design it might make a discernable handling improvement (although the "optics" would be quite different).

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