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  • oceanfront4me oceanfront4me Dec 18, 2011 2:11 AM Flag

    E-Mail from George Blankenship at Tesla Motors.

    I am a Model S reservation holder. I received this e-mail today (Saturday, December 17th) at 3:00 p.m.

    Tesla Model S Reservation Holder Update

    George Blankenship


    Hello everyone,

    2011 has been a great year for Tesla. As we wind down the year and head into 2012, you will start to see some very exciting things happening in the next few months.

    We'll be releasing U.S. pricing for Model S shortly. There have been a lot of rumors about price increases out there. I'm happy to say that we will deliver Model S with the 40kWh battery at the price we announced in 2009 of $49,900 after federal tax credits.

    We will also stick to other commitments we made earlier this year regarding delivery of the 85kWh battery the middle of 2012, the 60 kWh battery about 3 months later, and the 40 kWh battery around the end of the year.

    Be on the look out for more detailed U.S. Model S pricing and options packages in the next few weeks. This pricing will be in effect for all current U.S. reservation holders.

    Early in the new year we will begin gathering updated information for all reservation holders. We want to make sure that configuration, final ordering and delivery of your Model S all happen smoothly, efficiently and in a fun way. Having current email, mailing addresses and phone numbers will help make that possible. Thank you in advance for your help with this.

    In the next few months we will significantly enhance our Model S configurator on the web and in our retail stores. This update will include great new interior and exterior views of Model S and a new configuration tool that will allow you create your favorite Model S variations. You will be able to save your favorite combinations for future review and customization.

    Early next year we will also be enhancing the MyTesla area of our website. It will allow you to keep track of your favorite Model S configurations and the progress of your actual vehicle as you go through the configuration, ordering, and delivery process. It will be the place for you to find out everything you need to know in an interactive, engaging way.

    We also plan to have more events at our Fremont Factory in 2012, and a few other surprises that we're sure you will enjoy. Stay tuned, great things are happening.

    Because of you, 2011 was a great year at Tesla. 2012 will be even better. As always, we thank you for your continued support as we work very hard to change the world.

    Best wishes to all for a Happy Holiday season.

    George Blankenship

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    • It's not a $50k. It's a $57K car plus taxes, license, destination and doc fee car (before federal and state credits).

      Per George B, the price is $49900 after federal tax credit. For 40kWh. What does 40kWh get the normal driver - 120 miles if they drive highway speeds or 150 miles of 45 mph back country driving. In 70*F weather without battery conditioning. Try to do that in 35*F weather on long island or winter up in northern climates.

      Without an onboard engine like the Fisker, Volt or other EREVs, I doubt Tesla will be bought by people who want a single car for multiple occasions. So, you buy a 57K or higher priced car and then need a second car for weekend jaunts to your beach house, the hamptons or up to the hills. I don't see "too many" Americans jumping onto that bandwagon. Maybe a few thousand per year.

      The real solution is EREV. I just don't understand why Tesla does not have an EREV on the drawing board. They can do it with a 20-30kWh pack and nice 4-cylinder engine, perhaps diesel to sell the "biodiesel crowd".

    • He always says that but NEVER DOES it. I have IMPLORED him to put me on ignore, but he never fails to respond when he's getting his but KICKED all over the board. It's an emotional thing, he can't help himself. Please put in an extra pray, especially now at Christmas time, for this lame, lost soul.

    • kbodie, 5 days out of the week a huge majority of your consumers are driving less than 170 miles round trip. I'd also guess the majority of your consumers maybe drive over 170 miles round trip, what, once a month, maybe twice? Those families would own two cars, one EV another gas guzzler. Therefore range would not be an issue for any weekend road trip.

      Be logical and stop stating such nonsense.

    • What does it matter? According to a few nut cases, Tesla will be making $1-$4 billion per year by 2016!

    • Networthless is on ignore. Therefore, I see nothing of his.....except for Oceanfront, his other ID.

    • On Noballs, ANOTHER alias! You need to go back and retake paid basher 101.

    • NoMore seems to be saying that Musk's comments are fraught with partial-truths. He is cautioning investors to ask "What didn't he say?". Here are some examples:
      1) “You can swap battery packs.” True, but what he fails to say is “But this is ridiculously impractical.”
      2) “You can fast-charge in 20 minutes.” True, but what he fails to say is “The infrastructure to support this is difficult and will never pay for itself.” And did he comment on how this would affect battery life?
      3) Those youtube crash videos – why are they truncated at the moment of impact? Nobody else’s crash videos are.
      Because of this lack of candor, one might even conclude that Musk’s statements are meant to deliberately mislead investors.

      As always, draw your own conclusions.

    • Sorry for any confusion. My comment was directed at Networth. I get tired of his miserable snide comments which add nothing to the discussion.

    • RM1280, I'm a bit confused. Who are you speaking to?

    • I'm glad you see it that way, Todd. One-price has been round for at least 15 years, Todd. I imagine this is how you buy YOUR own vehicles?

      By the way? Have you done your research to find out which dealers in your state sell this way? Because rest assured, there ARE dealers who sell this way.

      I'd like to know how this has gone for you? Getting MORE for the money? Really? Normal gross margin for a car dealer is less than 5%. Tesla expects 25%. Can you actually, with a straight face, say the Tesla buyer is getting a better deal? After all, Tesla has proven nothing to anyone. In fact, Tesla has never built a vehicle! Yet, you say it's a better deal? Than what? A Mercedes? BMW? Audi? A Trebbie?

      Lastly, money is money, Todd. I don't know of a single person in my life who is willing to throw their money away based on the premise of full sticker meaning a better deal. Like selling/buying a home sold be one price? YOu'd opt for that? Get serious!

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