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  • doug_whitehead doug_whitehead Dec 26, 2011 2:09 AM Flag

    Minimize Negative Ninnies somehow

    I wish posts on this board would be diluted somehow if the poster puts lots of cr*p up.

    Kbodie and ballcoach revel in spewing out endless posts. It seems especially tiresome when there is little or no new information to be had. As a result, this board feels like a cesspool.

    I recognize the concept would be challenging to implement, as one can always change IDs, or otherwise game the system....

    While I might like the ability of a board like this to alert me to new information or perspective, I periodically question its value given all of the bile. The signal to noise ratio just feels too low.

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    • Come to think of it, maybe it's the sixth or seventh

    • No financial experience. Yup, you must be Noballs number TWO, the replacement for Noballs number ONE, and not remember one of the previous rat hole conversations I waisted my time with you on. Oh joy, another lie about putting me on ignore. Let's see, this must be about the fourth or fifth time you've made that statement.

    • you're correct. I DID choose to become rude. So what? At least I'm perfectly willing to engage in debate with anyone, including you. The difficulty is your inability to carry on a logical conversation like an adult. Your lck of big ticket retail experience is shocking. Further, you have no grasp whatsoever about a financial statement.

      I've tried with you before. But it has never worked.

      The best place for you is IGNORE. Click!

    • Aw, another childish reaction, and typical inability to accept responsibility for ones own actions. It's always somebody else's fault for YOUR behavior.

    • I never began this way. What turned me was the constant barrage of insults directed at me by clowns like you. You don't answer questions. You never once stay on topic. But I'm the bad guy here? Give me a friggin' break!

      By the way. Taking you off Ignore every 3 months or so is more than enough juice to get me started. Just think what it would be like if you could actually hold a thought for more than 5 seconds??

    • Wow Noballs, you've outdone yourself with regard to your standard ability to be BASE and ignorant. Yup, that personality sure would be a customer facing personality that I'm sure any prison would be happy to have. Glad to see once again you've lived up to your lies and not put me on ignore.

      Oh and, don't be too comfortable, the SEC is continuing to ratchet up their aggressiveness. Opinion and manipulation have been determined to be distinct.

    • You MUST be the dumbest Homo Sapien on the planet!

      What possible evidence do you have linking me to a hedge fund??

      You have my cell number. Yet, you lack the balls to make the call. You constantly harangue me, baiting me to respond. When I do, you accuse me of being a paid basher. People I know who have been told about you all laugh at at how ridiculous you are. They really do!
      Actually, I have no interest in how much money ie invested in Tesla, whether hedge money, Euro money, Martian money, or play money. In the end, someone always loses. Someone always wins.I don't care either way.

      Lastly,why don't you just call the SEC? Or the police? Or the FBI? What I'm supposedly doing is unlawful. So I beg you to put me out of my misery! Turn me in! Get yourself some Brownie points! Here's my IP address:

      For once, be a man, not a maggot!

      Nah! You'd much rather perpetuate the myth you've created and remain the spineless scum bag you are.

      You're a waste of oxygen.

    • Oh, be serious. Do you think people that see all your posts, think you are here without a motive??? Hedge funds have 10's of millions bet short, no question they are covering multiple venues with inexpensive (particularly inexpensive, compared to their short position) clowns like you.

    • Nah! I'd just like a response to the very first question I asked a year ago! think you can remember back that far?

      Oh, and what venture are we discussing? Tesla? I think asking reasonable questions IS appropriate. However, you can't answer anything reasonably. In fact, you can't answer anything at all!

      Anyone stupid enough to "hire" me to post has a screw loose. Maybe they work with you, Einstein?

    • Like I said, you want to rehash all the same crap that really is not key to a venture like this, especially at this point in it's quest.

      Enjoy your posting day making nickels :-)

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