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  • losercritic30 losercritic30 Dec 30, 2011 2:06 PM Flag

    Kbodie, you must have no life. TSLS is going to 100

    Why would you spend all day bashing a company that is living up to expectations, that is on its way to making a profit. You overgeneralize, and probably make multiple accounts to bash this company, and say how you feel it's going to hell in a hand basket without ever using any good facts to defend this. All you do is talk about how much they are spending. You use outdated ideas, and overgeneralized comparisons to other cars to try to make the company sound bad. I bought another 10k in TSLA today. This company is performing and has so many potential catalysts to make the stock skyrocket. Look at the number of 10% up days compared to the 1 10% down day. When good news comes out, Tesla will be back at 35, on its way to 45-50. Place your bets. I hope your long. I know I am.

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    • If you want to talk facts, lets talk facts. I posted my logic for a short squeeze. Please explain why my numbers are wrong. What am I forgetting?

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      • Perhaps, Loser, you should learn the difference between "facts" and "logic"? Your numbers are not fact. Nor are they a definition of fact. Your numbers are merely an opinion, a guess, a presumption. But FACT? Absolutely not!

        You want to know what's wrong with your numbers? I'll tell you. You're (or YOUR) neglecting to post facts!

        pot, kettle, black.

        By the way? How about posting pictures that can be viewed? Not the garbage you attempted to pass as a picture.

    • According to you, you're (not your) 19! Did Mommy and Daddy gib (sp) you the money, "widdle" boy?

      Once again, another lie. Pot, kettle, black.

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      • Another lie? I have about 300k, with 100k in TSLA and about 200k in AAPL. I have a margin account - idiot!! I think I proved all my claims. I won't show you my face for obvious reasons, so I can't prove my age. Believe me or not, I really don't care. Also, you have not done a good job arguing any of my claims. Also, you answered on the wrong account lol. Way to go Ballcoach, or should I say Kbodie. I can easily buy 150k on margin. I am over 18, and can thus enter into a binding contract. Talk about you being a moron.

    • Since Tesla currently has no real industrial fundamentals on which one might trade, what technical judgment are you applying to get to $35 (or higher)? I am not questioning the short squeeze potential, which with current short ratios is entirely possible on some intriguing news. What would you consider that news would be?

      The MS $70 "target", which had a VERY shakey basis, has been tempered to the mid-$30's, and I can't understand that either.

      I can't even get there with the purported 20-25% gross margin prediction (which I also don't believe, BTW).

      But $100: yeeha, that is a CRAZY number. That would be a market cap about 1/4 of Ford, which profitably sold 2M cars in the US this year, or 100x Tesla's projected vehicle total in 2014-15.

      I ain't getting there.

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      • Well, I am betting this on the future of the company. Quite simply, when the Model S is a huge success, it is very unlikely the Model X won't be. When the Model X is a huge success, I am willing to bet the Bluestar will be a huge success. 20k(65k) +20k (65k) + 200k (35k) = 9.6billion (.20)= 1.9billion (a PE of 10) = 1.9billion. Assuming profit margins of 25% we get 2.4billion (10) = 24billion. Assuming the 1.9billion figure, and assuming the cost of operations =400million a year we get 1.4billion in profits. 1.5billion (10) =15billion. Assuming the 2.4billion figure, we get 2billion (10) = 20billion. This figure implies 1000% upside, or roughly 10x upside. With this figure the stock will be trading at $300pps, once all 3 of these things occur. The current market cap is 3billion. That implies the stock should be trading at at least 100 within 2-3 years, once the company has proven itself. 70$ is the 1 year target, which I think is reasonable assuming only the Model S is a success. Tesla already has 9k reservations and is sold out for the first year of production. I'd call that a success. Once it gets a 5 star rating, the stock should take off.

    • Partner with AutoNation? Where in God's name would you come up with something like that? what is the connection?

      I know Mike Jackson personally. He in no way would have any interest whatsoever in teaming up with Tesla as just a pre-owned clearing house. Just look at the AutoNation footprint. They have zero stores in the Bay Area. Nothing in Seattle or Portland None in Chicago. None anywhere near NYC. Plus, absolutely NOTHING outside the US. How do you suspect it could work in that regard?

      Help yourself. Quit talking. Spare your integrity while you can.

    • PS there NOballs, NOW this is, FOR SURE, about the 6 or 7th time you have told your lie about putting me on ignore. See folks he can't, he's paid to see every post on this board!!!!!

    • Oh I knew I could get you to PRVOVE how big a LYER you are. Once again you have NOT put me on ignore. I know you CAN'T because it is your JOB to watch every post and TRY to disagree. What a SAD life.:-(

    • Loser, why not answer my questions? is it because you can't come up with one? Of course it is!

      Bringing up AutoNation is a foolish move on your part. Why not PAG? Or GPI? Or even SAH? The footprints those guys have are a bit more far-reaching than AutoNation. In fact, Penske actually DOES have dealerships outside the US. But you say AutoNation???? Ok. I'll bite! Explain the reasons.

    • Networthdev:

      I'm assuming that you mean ballcoach and I are the same person? Seeing that we all like our anonymity here and I don't wish to disclose my identity on this board, I guess there's no way to "prove" one way or another that I don't know him (or you or anyone else here... at least I don't THINK so! We might be surprised out who some of our forum friends are!)

      A number of traders/speculators ("investors" is the wrong word as a short position is not an investment) don't believe the Tesla model will succeed and find the company to be overvalued. All you have to do is look at the size of the short float. Dang, check Yahoo's TSLA "Headlines" link for 27 Dec on Bloomberg. There are 24 MILLION Short shares, second only to Travelzoo on the NAS. Frankly, I'm surprised that the number of positive vs. negative viewpoints seems to be about the same on this site.

      Anyhow, what would you like to know about yours truly? Just as an intro, I don't have a "moral" dog in this fight like a few people here do. It's morally right for me to make money off of a bad business model (even if the founder is trying to save the world) because this mechanism helps market value to be more visible. When I see a chance to make some income, I'm interested. Normally, I don't follow crowds, and jumping on a short position with such a huge herd does have risks. But, as it is for you, this is my risk.

      If you do have a chance to reply today, I apologize in advance should I miss a response as I'm about to start prepping for the evening festivities.

    • When I say 200k cars, I am talking about the Bluestar not the Model S. Tesla is projecting 20k Model S and 20k Model X, and 200k Bluestar. The 200k Bluestar is very possible assuming they can pull of a price tag of 20-30k, which I believe they can. If they can achieve 9k reservations with a 5k deposit for a car that isn't being advertised, I believe they can do anything once they become known. They state 25% margins as their expectations. As for trade-ins, Tesla will likely partner with Autonation. Ever considered that?

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