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  • jkeyser14 jkeyser14 Jan 6, 2012 6:34 PM Flag

    Mercedes following Tesla's lead

    They are adding internet connectivity and allowing people to add apps to their cars. They obviously dont think the NTSB will have a problem with it. I can't wait to hear kboddie and ballcoach try to paint a gloomy picture about this.

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    • don't you mean they are following Ford? Ford has SYNC and already been there, done that

    • Do NOT bring up my wife!! She's no part of this. I merely responded to Y-O-U! If you want to get personal, maybe you should take the same route as COBRA? Not a single one of his posts stays on the board anymore. Think that's a coincidence?

    • Ok, then the answer is simple..........GO.....TO.....THE.....SEC.....,FBI,.....OR YAHOO directly?

      Otherwise, you're nothing more than a blow-hard idiot with a wild imagination.

      You said, Charge me? You got it wrong, Einstein. They PAY me, don't they? Whomever "they" might be?

      Like I said before, you might be the dumbest Caucasian walking.

    • Love all the words Noballs, does the firm charge you by the letters for support. If so, ask for a refund. Fraud is still fraud and in the right circumstances, 3X damages is very real. Been there done that.

    • Networth:
      First, it was axiomatic "Fraud is triple damages." You were enlightened that damage multiplication is a function of statutory terms.
      So you come up with the False Claims Act, implying that anonymous posters who make a false assertion on an investment message board would be exposed to its whistleblower provisions. That statute applies to entities providing goods and service under contract with the federal government.
      Then you try to bolster your original misstatement by bringing up egregious behavior (as if that applies to this message board) and punitive damages. Punitive damages are a civil remedy intended to discourage future wrongful conduct; they can be many multiples (not just treble) of actual damages but subject to remittitur. Fraud is both a civil and a criminal cause of action. The “punishment” for egregious fraud (e.g. Madoff) is generally jail time not punitive damages. While there is commonly also a civil remedy of restitution, generally the misbegotten funds are long gone.

      Before you bring up another extraneous, irrelevant factoid, yes, multiple damages can be awarded under various states’ deceptive trade practices/consumer protection codes, but again those are statutes.

      Your superficial grasp of fraud issues is as misguided as your limited understanding of Tesla as a viable investment. I apologize to other readers of this board for the diversion. My post New Year’s resolution is to refrain from responding to Networth’s childish posts unless they pertain to Tesla as an investment.

    • Hey is "scum bag" another typical conversation starter you use at the wife's Christmas, board, and charity functions?

    • I haven't lied. Yes, I've had you on ignore and have read some of your rantings. You've continually attempted to bait me with your posts which I HAVE ignored, for the most part. I'm guilty of responding. So sue me, scum bag!

      Oh, and now I have a contract? How do you know so much about paid basher contracts? Is this how they wok? So I'm contractually obligated to not have you on ignore? I have this to say to you:

      If I'm a paid basher, prove it! If you had a spine, instead of continually posting that I'm working for some sort of outside agency, you'd perhaps be better served to turn me in? WHY don't you do it, smart guy? You KNOW what you're posting about me is a lie, Networth. It's merely a diversion.

    • P.P.S, Is this the 10th or 11th time you have ONCE AGAIN lied about having me on ignore. Or, is the TRUTH, that your contract prevents you from putting me on ignore, as you have to WATCH every thread? Please, put me on ignore, as I have implored you to do SO MANY times before!!!!!

    • As I have told you on MANY occasions (which you choose to CONTINUALLY forget, or is it really that you guys pull shifts and sometimes don't know what the other guy has seen or said) , you are not worth my time to shut down, but there are those that it is their job, and I am very comfortable that at some point, your deceit will be rewarded.

      P.S. no worries on the kids, just nieces and nephews and near as I can tell, their parents seem love letting them visit and travel with us. Kind of like a mini vacation for them at times, I believe :-)

    • The paid bashers do seem to be getting more frenzied and, in so doing, really PROVING who/what they are.

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