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  • losercritic30 losercritic30 Jan 17, 2012 6:32 PM Flag

    So- now Kbodie claims Elon is lying

    Not that the numbers are out, and Elon is agreeing that the 8k (8900?) reservations are real, and that 300k people have visited the store, we can gather that 5-10% of people that visit the store are buying the car. By this logic, once the number of visitors jumps to 1-4million, accounting for the 30k car that will increase the % of buyers to 15%-20%, we should expect 100-200k cars being sold annually. Well, once this happens, and now that Tesla is saying 25% margins are conservative, I would expect this stock to be trading at 300 within 3 years.

    But wait. Kbodie wuld like you to believe that Elon is lying about the 300k number. That he is making up the 8k (8900?) reservations. That Shorts are placing reservations to doom Tesla, by never actually buying the car, leaving Tesla with thousands of cars that will never be sold.

    I interpret Musks comment as meaning, Tesla is doing something that no other car company can do, and will be very successful. Why should anyone honestly believe Elon is trying to scam people? If these numbers are a fabrication he and the entire team will end up in Jail for lying. I have seen many articles insisting the stores are usually packed. Imagine what will happen once This number jumps to 2million, and they begin selling 200k + cars annually. HMMMMMMM!!

    Glad I tripled down on Friday after the drop by pushing my entire Apple position into Tesla. Just made almost 50k. Nice try Kbodie. No-ones buying your conspiracy theories. This puppy is going to 100 by the end of the year, and 200 within 3 years.

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    • If TSLA hits $200 then it is a 20B$ company. That's just about half the size of either GM or F. I hope it gets there by Christmas. Just think of the short opportunity then. Even Kbodie would change his conservative views and risk a few bucks at that price.

    • 2,000,000 visitors? By normal industry standards (NADA) 20% is a normal closing rate for first-time ups at a store. This equates to..........400,000 sales. Or are you suggesting a much smaller close rate of 10%???

      I can only say this, 10%, from all benchmarks ever published in the industry, means the entity is incapable of generating sales. Which do YOU choose? History says the Tesla "retail experiment" has so far been less-than-stellar.

      Really, regarding the auto industry, you don't know a single thing, son. You can't even carry on a logical conversation. Now go ahead and deny it.

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      • iwillnevercheckthisemailagain24 iwillnevercheckthisemailagain24 Jan 18, 2012 11:34 AM Flag

        Tesla won't close 1% of sales in the mall stores.

        It is kinda like when they raffle off a new Mustang in the mall. A lot of people divert their path to go look at the shiny cool car. It is normal behavior. 99% of the time - the dealer does not even send a sales person out there to sit next to the car - these are not good sales leads.

        Contrasted to a car dealer - people actually drive out of their way to go to the store. People are typically looking for a new car.

        Tesla has a major problem - how to discern between someone who is just dropping in and someone who could be swayed to buy the car. Oh, i forgot, the car sells itself. Salespeople only ruin the process....

        hehe tick tock

    • iwillnevercheckthisemailagain24 iwillnevercheckthisemailagain24 Jan 18, 2012 12:27 AM Flag

      god you are so pathetic.

      dude - if you made any trades, you would know about clearing times and realize that you did not have the money to trade in Tesla. second you have said many times that you had 200K in Apple - care to run some numbers whereby you are up $50K - when the stock is not even up 20%.

      and you are so DUMB.

      look at how math works and please just go away afterwards.

      300,000 people in 1 months in 6 stores
      1,500 reservations in 3 months
      there are a total of ~18 stores

      so say - 500 reservations per month
      166 went to those 6 stores
      166/300,000 -> 0.06%

      OUCH - people are not buying the car.
      but don't worry - they are building brand recognition. and that means a lot - just ask the folks at webvan and

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      • <dude - if you made any trades, you would know about clearing times and realize that you did not have the money to trade in Tesla. second you have said many times that you had 200K in Apple - care to run some numbers whereby you are up $50K - when the stock is not even up 20%.>

        I hate to break it to you but you are wrong here. If loser had 300k in a trading account, that would allow him 300k in leverage (margin). Therefore, if he wanted he could have bought 200k worth of TSLA regardless of whether or not he sold his APPL.

        Also 8,000+ (8995?) car reservations (before the car even debuts) says to me the car is selling like flipping hotcakes.

    • hmm!!

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