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  • one2mark98 one2mark98 Feb 10, 2012 10:41 AM Flag

    Conservative Bob posting news from 4yrs ago

    Ha Ha, Bob you're such an idiot! You're posting a news report from 2008. Dude pull your head out of the sand, live in this decade and pull some news that is current and relevant. It depends on what the charging voltage is that your using. 480v charger can charge it in an hour, 220 volt in 4-6 hours and 110v is about 12hrs.

    From Telsamotors website: Model S comes standard with everything you need to plug into the most common 240-volt outlet, standard 120-volt wall outlets and public stations. Using a high-amperage 240-volt outlet, Model S can be recharged at the rate of 62 miles range per hour. A fifty-percent charge in thirty minutes can be achieved with a Tesla Supercharger.

    Ask Tesla owners how long it takes to charge and they'll say just a few moments. Like they do with a cell phone, most Tesla owners plug in at night. By morning, their battery is completely recharged. The touchscreen can be used to create a customized charging schedule that enables you to charge when electricity rates are lower during off-peak hours.

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    • >>You're assuming that politicians will be able to or even want to let that credit sunset as it's supposed to. How many government programs or benefits ever go away?<<

      Quite a few programs go away (cash for clunkers, make work pay, extended unemployment benefits, Bush tax cuts, diesel eco credit....) but I guess if your point is EVs will work because the government will just plug in a credit to make EVs preferable to ICE I can't argue. The question is whether the public will occupy TSLA with signs saying, "Pay. Your. Fair. Share." LOL.

      I'm agnostic with regard to EVs. We need to use less crude oil and clean up perhaps the top 20 American cities. We also need to be more efficient so we can pay off the $15 trillion Federal debt. I like the Prius concept or a 4 banger turbo di. EVs need a game changer. $40k for a $17k Ford Focus ain't a game changer.

    • You're assuming that politicians will be able to or even want to let that credit sunset as it's supposed to. How many government programs or benefits ever go away?

    • >>My point is that I don't think that taxing agencies will let EV's be charged tax free, especially if they use the revenue to rebuild roads...<<

      The last figure I saw here in liberal CA (the choice for a disproportionate amount of EVs and TSLA's hq)taxes were 68 cents/gallon. I already see protests by lefties for the rich to pay their fair share. Pay. Your. Fair. Share. I wonder how they feel about the top 5% getting tax credits and avoiding road taxes. I can understand using ability to pay as a basis for taxation (if you don't make money you don't pay, immediate write-off for investments for start-ups, etc.) but a sunset clause in the avoidance of road taxes seems appropriate. I think there has already been some attempts at addressing an EV road tax but such attempts have been DOA. At least there are sunset clauses to EV federal tax credits (200,000 cumulative production and no soup for you).

      My guess is any progress in reducing the costs of batteries will be offset by the sunseting of the tax credits and the eventual road tax charge. Also, here in CA you pay tax on the MSRP not the net after credit so a $45,000 Volt (typically equipped) will require about $2,000 more in taxes than a Cruze in addition to about $160 more in registration fees every year.

      The ICE makers aren't sitting still. 4 cylinder, turbo, direct-injection that produce 270 hp and perhaps more torque and get 36 mpg hwy at 3,400 lbs. weight. We are in year 2 and the price of the Leaf went UP while the Volt stayed the same adjusting for feature deletes. EV proponents keep on telling us prices will be coming down. Have fun with that.

      I wonder why natural gas vehicles don't get a similar subsidy? I think ng is like 80 cents a gallon but the Honda ngv is like $8k more than the gas Civic (btw, you can't fill it up at home because of impurities). Throw in a $7.5k credit and maybe you have something.

    • I beg to differ, how do you plan on doing maintenance on the main generator without taking it off-line?

      The other consideration is that it's more cost effective for power companies to switch to cheaper alternatives when demand is low. If you increase that demand at night, you will also increase your electric bill....

    • Looks like when you throw numbers at the EV worshipers, they all seem to disappear....LOL

    • The faster you recharge, the higher the load on the grid.

      e.g. 10,000 Teslas with a 53 kWh pack recharging in 1 hour will put a load of 530,000 kWh on the grid in your town. To recharge in 1/2 an hour your looking at 1,060,000 kWh.

      Can you local power company handle that while you run your air conditioner or hair dryer?

      Or will there be a ban on recharging Teslas at certain hours?

    • motorcitymadhouse1970 motorcitymadhouse1970 Feb 10, 2012 11:18 AM Flag

      live in this decade??

      is that what you tell your fellow obambots!! who use slavery as the ill of every cause

      even bill cosby said to stop it


      • 2 Replies to motorcitymadhouse1970
      • Bill Cosby was talking about social issues and how Black people need to take more pride in themselves, focus on education, stop wanting to live a thug lifestyle. His speech was about taking responsibility for your life and not blaming others..(white) people for "all" the difficulties of black people. His speech really transcends color. It is really a speech for all people to follow. By the way that speech was made in 2004. Again start living in this decade!

      • You're the first person to mention slavery in here. President Obama does not mention slavery in his speeches. Stop listening to right wing radicals like rush limbaugh, glen beck, or mike savage. Actually watch Cspan and here what the President, Congressman, and Senators actually say and not get it second hand from radicals. The government subsidies oil exploration for the last 30yrs....6 billion last year...under a Democrat....oil is extremely profitable...why are we still subsidizing it...where are your free market arguments now? President Bush initiated and congress passed Tarp....700 Billion in bailouts for banks and the big three auto.

    • Well idiot one, we have blackouts now becasue of the strain on the grid. How many Teslas do you suppose it will take to blow a few circuits in your town??

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