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  • Networthdev Networthdev Mar 23, 2012 9:27 AM Flag

    Commercial EV battery BREAK THROUGH

    Oh my negative nannie, this is being COMMERCIALIZED!!!!!!!!! "technology is designed for use in grid energy storage and electric vehicle applications"

    Link at the bottom

    "Energy storage specialist California Lithium Battery (CLBattery) has announced that it has begun work to commercialise a third-generation lithium-ion battery based on technology created at the Argonne National Laboratory. The result: a battery which promises to last three times as long as anything else on the market."


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    • Virtually all major technological breakthroughs come via government R&D. Computer software languages, biotech, human genome, vaccines, computers, agriculture productivity, genetic engineering.

      Government will likewise resolve this energy conundrum including low cost battery powered vehicles. I suspect biotechnolgy will also be producing hydrogen. Already a company called Joules Energy is producing diesel fuel for $30 / barrel (55 gallons) using biotechnology.

      Companies like Tesla need to be part of the solution.

      Side note: Former Presidential candididate Jon Huntsman demonstrated the true cost of gasoline to Americans is $13 /gallon when all tax subsidies, wars for oil, etc are included in the calculation.

    • Glad to see our negative nannie and his aliases LIKE this subject. Gee for a guy that has no financial interest in TSLA, and is really only commenting on their "retail operations" (LOL X 100) it seems funny he would find it necessary to comment on this thread. EXCEPT, we all know the reality, he is a minimum wage paid basher, and has to comment NEGATIVELY on anything beneficial for TSLA.

      Guess a battery technology that would give EV batteries THREE TIMES THE CAPACITY, and is rolling out over the next two years, was just too painful to ignore. :-) LOL AGAIN!

      P.S. Thanks for the interest NOballs, glad to see this get more VISIBILITY. LOL AGAIN X 2

    • And in 2011-2012, 7 or more Tesla battery packs bricked....could have been owner abuse, or it could also have been a few of the 6,000 batteries or other electronic components were defective...who really knows, the service manager at Tesla? He's told what to say. Lithium-ion's are to this date are still flaky, that's why the Prius uses nickel metal hydride, which they have used for 12 years, but even then, it's ony warranted for 100k insurance co. I'm aware of insures it past least it's only 3k to replace it at the dealer....not 43k at Tesla...some technologies never really become practical....

    • Oh no! What gave me was the plant wasn't it...

      I believe you though I have no ideas what role you may have played in the world of retailing cars, dinosaur balloons and all. I assume you weren't like the lady in Breakfast at Tiffany's who just went there.

      Some people like to hike in Yosemite, some go to the Theater, some collect First editions, whatever. You like to go to "luxury auto dealerships". No one ever says on the way out in the morning "Dear, I'm leaving the car at the luxury auto dealership." I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with your writing in car dealer-speech as second nature.

      Most people don't find their job their world like that. So I guess it's a nice thing for you. But it's not a good idea to make a religion out of one company's sales locations in the real world. And no one on a public BB gets away with arguments from assumed authority and bluster. It's a 'flat' environment. People in this context may accumulate modest respect, but never authority, for a month or so.

      Tesla's trading volume on a major exchange is much too high for the price to be affected by posts on a BB long or short.

      ps - There's a fair size BMW dealer here in Mountain View on El Camino at 237/Grant Road. They have a separate, recently constructed, multi-story building with a separate one for Mini's. All those dealers along El Camino in Menlo Park and Palo Alto are closed. Fisker, Tesla, and McLaren may be the only ones left, all recent.

    • Lithium batteries were first proposed by M.S. Whittingham, now at Binghamton University, while working for Exxon in the 1970s.[14] Whittingham used titanium(II) sulfide as the cathode and lithium metal as the anode.
      In 1991, Sony and Asahi Kasei released the first commercial lithium-ion battery.
      As of 2011, lithium-ion batteries account for 67% of all portable secondary battery sales in Japan.

      40 years from proposal to full usage.

    • If you honestly believe I actually posted that, I'd like you to re-post the post! Go ahead! Do it!

      Or is this your pitiful method of being a wise guy?

      I doubt seriously you ever stepped foot inside a luxury auto dealership. If you haven't, I might suggest you take a hike up to The City and walk into European Motors on Van Ness? Or perhaps take a ride down to Smythe European in San Jose, if it's still called that? Or continue down Stevens Creek Blvd until you reach Stevens Creek BMW? I've been in all of them. Nice places. Professional people. Other than you've never been in a luxury store without being lost, you might learn something? But I doubt it! People like you are much more comfortable throwing things while hiding in the middle of a crowd. Rarely, if ever, do you show yourself, singularly, in the light of day.

    • Good point. Weren't you the poster who pointed out that most all problems in auto marketing/sales can be solved by inflating more dinosaur balloons in the used car lot? And if that isn't quite enough, free Folgers and a plant in the office will be? People here just don't have the imagination you do...

    • What exactly, and I mean, EXACTLY, does this have to do with Tesla? Can you possibly explain yourself, Networthless?

    • Technology keeps rolling forward, it always does. America will lead in this just as it does in the other critical technology areas. It's inevitable!!

    • You know the SHORTS are nervous, given the goofy stuff their coming up with lately. "deposits", "EV cost more". LOL This is gonna be fun.

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