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  • Networthdev Networthdev Mar 24, 2012 1:42 PM Flag

    PG&E buys EV Pickup Trucks, EV evidence BUILDS

    More EVIDENCE and MOMENTUM for the adoption and eventual DOMINATION of EV's. Every utility out there is going to want these trucks for their fleet, and the EV cost savings REALITY and EVIDENCE will start to resonate with MANY MORE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

    "Pruett agrees with Lutz that the lifetime cost of owning and operating a Via truck will be less than that of a conventional pickup.

    “With the demonstrators we have had from Via, we determined that if all 3,500 vehicles were transformed, we would save $9.5 million annually on fuel,” or $2,700 per vehicle, the PG&E executive says."

    Link to compleet article

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    • Noablls/Kbodie/ whatever why are you still here? Seriously. This is getting beyond stupid. Do yourself a favor, and leave. No-one here cares what you have to say and your trolling has failed.

    • 13,000 in the PG&E fleet and they're taking delivery of................TWO???

      What a commitment! Simply amazing that PG&E would make such a "huge" move to incorporate ............TWO TRUCKS............into the fleet!

      Lutz has transformed himself into quite the "show pony" in his latter years. LOL!

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      • PG&E is conservative to a fault and putting two trucks into everyday use with new tech is a big move for them. They are going to have to spend a fortune inspecting poorly done, seldom inspected gas pipelines that may blow up people as they did in San Bruno not long ago. We could ask how many new pickups of any kind they are buying. But if the vehicles are reliable and do well on the bottom line, an essential for real commercial service, then it's probably a go. Two does seem chintzy. But then most PG&E pickups are modified first by specialty companies through a bidding process.

        So what have you transformed yourself into in your later years? A blowhard on a Yahoo BB? You are here at all hours apparently acting out. Exercise would be better for that and you would live longer - you are just running up your Cortisol and other levels uselessly.

        Since you say that dealers depend on service to make money now, you know that electrics can't support a regular dealer. So Tesla cannot use your BMW is perfection forever model. So you are saying that nothing can ever exist but ICE powered cars? Apparently so. Would something more like dealers but with a common district service facility work?

        How about Coda's idea of Firestone stores doing routine work with stores like Tesla? I think Coda intends to start here in California and build out regional centers over time. Their company also sells a power grid storage system that they could share facilities with (?). Coda cars seem to need a higher capacity battery system, especially for California. But the Chinese company financially behind it is likely patient money - it puts their nose in the tent as it were.

        Hybrids are complex machines, two systems in one. So dealers can fix them. It looks like an error to sell the Volt as an electric car instead of an extended range hybrid you may seldom buy gas for if you plug it in. There's a Prius coming with extended range so we will see how Toyota sells it. I can't see short range electrics here either. San Francisco to San Jose is 50 miles.

        You represented that you didn't like Tesla and they didn't like you on a personal as well as business level. No wonder since BMW's head offices are Vatican City to you. Yet your dedication over time to knocking Tesla on various grounds - you or kb used to post that the Model S would never be built - makes your story of outraged disinterested virtue less and less likely.

      • "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." -- Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943.

        LOL X Millions and Millions of computers. Too Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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