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  • networthdev networthdev Jan 25, 2013 6:40 AM Flag

    " The iVehicle by Tesla, a division of Apple"

    The fourth Apple business? Only a $6 billion dollar check for AAPL, with a 50% premium on today's stock price. For AAPL, $6 billion doesn't even register as a rounding error in their cash position. :-)

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    • As TSLA builds on its clear "first mover" advantage in the EV space, the bright boys in the head sheds/C suites, will start drooling over the decades of REVENUE GROWTH (and MAKE NO MISTAKE, revenue GROWTH is what WALL STREET is interested in, and if you disagree, go look at AMZN) they will descend with their offers. :-)

      20 Billion would be about $ 185 per share. Oh, thats gotta sting if your short!! Personally I hope they hold out for at least $35 billion, and or stay independent, and let Musk do his magic with the market cap. :-) We could be the first TRILLION dollar company. Talk about STING if your short!!!! LOL :-)

    • I hope they offer employee and shareholder discounts, and put them in the APPL fleet, that would really JUICE sales :-)

    • I don't think a 50% premium on today's stock price would be enough. Search google for "A $43 Billion Tesla: Musk's Incentives Of Interest".

      Musk's incentives package looks like a poison pill to me. Apple, or anyone else, would have to either pony up a massive premium or get Musk to voluntarily walk away from his incentives package. Either way, it would be much more than $55 per share; so I don't see this as likely.

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      • Yup, thats good stuff and very realistic. I was just putting a no-brainer number to get the ball rolling, and other bidders in the game. Unsolicited offer is alway a possibility, and a way to let the games begin. AAPL would easily be the winner, and could still do an all cash deal without breaking a sweat!!! Between $6 and $43 billion, I'm sure there could be a meeting of the minds. :-)

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