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  • wtfrevs4 wtfrevs4 Feb 11, 2013 9:52 PM Flag

    Are Teslacolytes that stupid?

    Oh my GOD the conspiracy lunacy is peaking. Is it a full moon? To all the Musklicking, e-loony Teslacolytes that imagine Broder’s article is part of some grand plot against your investment…

    You do know that NYT published two articles back to back “One Big Step for Tesla, One Giant Leap for E.V.’s” and “Charging Ahead on an Electric Highway”? (Please do AltaVista these titles and read the lofty praise for Tesla.)

    You do know that the publishing date was September 28, 2012?

    You do know that the Form 424B5 Prospectus for Tesla’s issuance of 6,925,740 Shares was filed on (wait for it) September 28, 2012?
    For a raise that was needed just to keep the lights on and the creditors from beating down the door?
    With the NYT article fresh on the screens of potential investors?

    And you STILL insist that the NYT is somehow in league with the anti-EV contingent?

    That is just butthurt stupidity. Butthurt that a reporter drove the car as Tesla told him to and it turned out to fail.

    Your Mr. Musk is the most butthurt stupid, and his immaturity is showing.
    Please do tell everyone at the EV League to Save the World secret meeting.

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    • Looks to me like the "butt hurting" is mostly on the short side of late. The fact is there are 3 sides to every story - the second side will (allegedly) soon be heard. The third side is typically, but not always, is found somewhere in the middle.

      Eugene Fama unfortunately was incorrect, I do not however believe that grand conspiracies frequently contribute to market ineffeciencies. What we can do is read other of THIS reporter (blogger)'s previous articles to gain a perspective on any or all of his (1) experience (2) intellegence (3) credibilitiy (4) predispostions for or against ev's in general etc. That is MUCH more relevant than what a different NYT reporter or reporters have written in the past. Perhaps you can "AltaVista" that when you aren't writing 50,000 word posts. I'll give you until midnight pacific time to. . . nevermind . . . I don't care.

      • 1 Reply to slots978
      • ... aren't you, sweetie?

        Well, here you go, a sample of the selection of energy and environment-related articles from John Broder over the last 3 months or so. No anti-EV perspectives in the whole lot.

        2 Reports on Oil Sands Paint a Dire Picture
        Interior Secretary to Step Down in March
        Shell Violated Air Permits for Arctic Ships, E.P.A. Says
        Rig Runs Aground in Alaska, Reviving Fears About Arctic Drilling
        E.P.A. Chief Set to Leave; Term Fell Shy of Early Hope
        E.P.A. Issues Standards on Air Pollution for Boilers
        Caribou and Oil Companies to Share Alaska Petroleum Reserve
        A Big, and Risky, Energy Bet
        E.P.A. Sets a Lower Limit for Soot Particles in the Air
        Climate Talks Yield Commitment to Ambitious, but Unclear, Actions
        As Ever, Money Worries Pervade Climate Talks
        BP Is Barred From Taking Government Contracts
        U.N. Climate Talks Promise Little Drama
        C.I.A. Closes Its Climate Change Office
        Obama on Climate Policy: Not Just Now, Thanks

        Broder's article from March, "The Electric Car, Unplugged", simply addressed the uphill political and perception battles that have faced EVs and still do. It concluded with the implication that Big Oil was out to waylay the fledgling industry.

        So, once again the point I made is undisputed: nobody can prove anything but a Green bias on the part of the Times. In fact, nobody can dispute the oddly-timed pro-Tesla artcles that coincided with the September raise. Praise Elon!!!

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    • Excellent post WT. You know your facts. Maybe we should all just wait to see what Elon provides in the way of proof.

      If I was Tesla I would PROVE that the Model S works in cold weather. Just send 5 cars to St. Paul and let the press test them. A series of articles from various authors that dispute the NYT article would do much more good than whining because the NYT reporter was going 'ten miles over the speed limit.'

      That is the most inane way to defend the product that I could imagine. What next? Will Elon claim he was driving with the highbeams on for extended periods of time ???

      Anyways - thanks for the info. The tesla-likers are very upset over nothing. If the author lied it will come out. The car works in cold weather or it doesn't.

    • lol - look at the comments here by the teslaites - it appears to be a cult - must worship the leader no matter what

    • smells of paid shills in here. Shill rule #1, deny shills exist.

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      • 1 Reply to futurecartsla
      • ...while you were posting; they shipped your new hat.

        Seriously, that's IT? That's the best you can do? You accuse. If I deny, then your accusation is true? You really ARE that stupid.

        Look, please do show me that the NYT did NOT run two articles praising Tesla's technology and business model (especially WRT the Supercharger network) on the same day as the final version of the 424B5 filing that presaged $222M cash into a drowning Tesla. That's all you have to do. Then you'll convince the whole board (AND ME!!!) that Times reporters are the bane of EVs. How hard can that be?

        I'll give you until midnight Pacific. If you can't do it by then I'm afraid I'll have to declare you the pathetic doorknob of an intellect that you actually are. Cheers.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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