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  • firstinflite firstinflite Feb 12, 2013 10:10 PM Flag

    Why I hate my gas car

    1. it overheats on long trips
    2. gas cost at minimum $50 to fill up
    3. a full tank takes 3 days to deplete, another $50
    4. I hate pulling over for gas
    5. gas always seem to run out when I'm in a hurry.
    6. I hate waiting in the cold to fill up the tank
    7. I hate waiting in the heat to fill up the tank
    8. I hate gas stations.
    9. I hate the smell of gas stations
    10. I hate oil changes $30 every 2 months? Rediculous...I also hate the 30 minute wait for oil changes
    11. I hate changing my radiator $300 to replace
    12. I hate having to change my brakes all the time $150 to replace once a year
    13. I hate it when my head gasket melts $600 to replace
    14. I hate changing my timing belt every 80,000 miles $500 to replace
    15. I hate having to drop off my car at the body shop and renting another car to drive in the meantime
    16. I hate having to fix my transmission $3,000
    17. I hate having to pour in transmission fluid $100
    18. I hate having to worry about my coolant $20
    19. I hate it when my oil leaks $200
    20. I hate it when my coolant leaks $200
    21. I hate all the thousands of moving parts underneath my hood that needs maintenance every year.


    1. Doesnt over heat
    2. no gas cost
    3. a full tank can be refilled automatically every night at the comfort of my own home
    4. I dont need to pull over for gas, gas is free when I shop
    5. If i plug in every night my electric will never be empty (takes 10 seconds of work).
    6. Dont need to wait in the cold weather
    7. Dont need to wait in the heat to fill her up.
    8. I love plugging in at my home.
    9. I love the smell of clean air.
    10. no oil changes, no waiting for oil changes
    11. no radiator, less moving parts.
    12. minimal brake changes, maybe after 50,000 one brake change with a TSLA
    13. TSLA doesnt need a head gasket, less moving parts
    14. No timing belt needed, less moving parts
    15. less moving parts = less breakdowns, less maintenance cost.
    16. no worries about a transmission, less moving parts
    17. no need for transmission fluid, less moving parts
    18. no coolant needed, less moving parts.
    19. oil never leaks, no oil needed, less moving parts
    20. no coolant leaks, no coolant needed, less moving parts
    21. less than 20 moving parts in a TESLA, amazing!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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