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  • america_wants_change america_wants_change Feb 15, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

    When thew grid goes down you are hosed

    It is bad enough being dependent on gas stations but Hurricane Sandy proved how bad it can be

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    • America
      Assuming the grid goes down we are all hosed.
      An ICE will likely have more range in it, but when it is done it's done. A s soon as the grid comes back ICE will have gas and EVs can start charging.
      If a local grid goes down most ICE have the range to drive in and out of it. EVs? Not so much.

    • Think about it for a second. What is the more likely scenario? Long term unavailability of gas or electricity? Where I live electricity is generated through: local natural gas, local coal, nuclear or renewables, with emphasis on renewables. Even if we add capacity in our oil production, if there is a global crises, like in the 70s, we will be exporting huge amounts of our oil to EU and elsewhere. Will we have electricity through this event? Absolutely! If local government has to react and 'fix' infrastructure, electricity comes first as it powers light, heat, AC, communications, etc. It is a far more critical resource then gasoline. If I have to pick, I pick electricity as a more consistent, highly available resource. Lots of things convert to electricity, even gas, but gas engines need that very specific ingredient to operate, which is very much a non-local item.

      And if you don't like those answers, you can put up your own renewable power capability or install a natural gas generator in your home. You cannot protect yourself from a gas shortage problem.

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    • and you think you'll be able to get GAS when the Grid goes down? Guess what you'll be much more likely to be able to use a solar-powered Supercharger then an electric gas pump powered off the grid, in those circumstances.


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