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  • bobbobwhite bobbobwhite Feb 15, 2013 1:11 PM Flag

    Re: the broder NYT flap

    If the battery pack runs the heater in the S, then it also runs the A/C. As both draw from the batteries, why is part of the flap about the S not doing well in cold climes? Shouldn't it be about the same draw with the heater or the A/C?

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    • The battery loses power in cold weather. This is true of a standard lead acid battery also. If the battery in yoiur car did not have massive excess capacity it wouldn't be able to start your car in the winter. As the battery ages it loses it's ability to store energy.
      You never notice this because the battery in your car is oversized.

    • AC is actually a much smaller draw - they run more effeciently and the temp difference is much smaller. If its 95 degrees out, you only need 20-25 degree temp diff. If it is 10 degrees out you need 50-60. You also don't need to cool the batteriers, which is a big part if the power draw.

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      • Brismyth
        Pretty good. But one error Tesla has a TMS(Thermal Management System) which does include cooling.
        Basically Li Ion likes people temps. not too hot not too cool. They last longer that way.
        Heating and cooling difference is about like using a fan to cool you or a hot plate for warming. Far more energy intensive.
        Should you wish to read about capacity loss in the hot states. copy and paste this to Google.
        Early Capacity Losses-Was(Lost a bar...down to 11)
        The short version is it takes two summers for most to lose 15% of their range.
        Nissan has bought some back given some new cars on a lease. There is a class action lawsuit. etc.
        Both charging and discharging the battery causes some heat.

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