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  • tslacraz tslacraz Feb 21, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

    Calinformation ZEV mandates

    California mandates that 15.4% of cars sold in the state must be zero emmissions vehicle by 2025.
    That's a mandate to sell 1.75 million zero em missions vehicle in California in 2025 alone! Who do you think will take the bulk of that 1.75 million? The mandate starts in 2017. On model S production tesla gets to sell $440,000,000 of its credit to other auto companies on a yearly basis. Wow!!

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    • No.

      Here is a green Teslacolyte site that you will believe: autobloggreen, May 31, 2012, in "California's low-emission vehicle rules enhancing market for ZEV credits". The story uses a graph right out of CARBs own documents, showing not quite 250,000 ZEV's annually in 2025. Here is a key point from the article:

      "Since California's rules are in effect in 12 states total, the expectation is that the largest six automakers will sell 60,000 ZEVs there through 2014 and then a total of 1.4 million by 2025." Read closely: that's 1.4 Million CUMULATIVE.

      BTW, that's no longer 12 states but 11 since Washington dropped out of the ZEV mandate. And another BTW: CARB is clear that “include ultra-low emitting Plug-in Electric Hybrid Vehicles (PHEVs) along with non-polluting fully electric cars and fuel cell vehicles.” So nobody is going to need to buy these. Look at the bloody 8-K that was just sent to you as a shareholder, and read where it tells you these are a dwindling aspect of Tesla's business plan.

      The "$440M worth of credit" will exist only in the mind of worthless TSLA certificate holders. Now will you stop trying to deceive people, please?

    • By 2017, tesla will have over $2billion in credit for sale.

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      • Perhaps this is part of the reason for large car companies selling smaller electric cars. By 2025, however, battery tech can be assumed to be much better and cheaper making electrics more competitive and useful. A Model S-class car with twice the range and fast charging would be a no-brainer.

        There remains the possibilities of the Monterey Shale in California for oil and gas. The possibility of an energy independent US is a huge incentive in spite of any likely violent response of activists. They will really lose except for national monuments and so on if they cover Monterey Shale.

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