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  • edssports edssports Mar 1, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

    Batteries ??

    Maybe the company is barking up the wrong tree. Maybe they should look into generator/alternator technology. Use the forward motion of the car to recharge its batteries, place them in the grill, tire wheel well,,, get more out of the charging system. Call it Wind Motion, created by 50 micro generators on board the vehicle. Thoughts?

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    • It takes ENERGY to spin the alternator/generator the more electric power you sap from the generator, the harder it takes to spin.
      How ever they DO use that idea. When you DO want drag on the car (braking) they use that drag to stop the car. It called regeneration. But it only lasts until the car stops.

    • Lower weight is the best way to save energy. Don't tell Fisker, their Karma car is 5500 lbs :)

    • eds, your idea is one that I have often seen raised. The problem is that the energy you lose from aerodynamic drag exceeds the energy you gain in generation. You are working against the second law of thermodyamics which states that any time you perform an energy conversion, you always lose some (to heat). Then there's the bigger issue of the fan efficiency. In general, the smaller the fan, the less efficient it is. That's why commercial wind generators are so massively huge. I'm afraid microgenerators would be horribly inefficient.

      On the other hand, there are places on a car where energy is purely wasted. The best example is braking, where standard cars simply burn off the energy as heat. Hybrid cars recoup this energy, store it, and use it when needed. That's why hybrids are so much more efficient, especially in city driving conditions.

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      • I realize that energy would be lost, I guess the main goal was to extend the distance more than it currently is. I also stated that some new technology would be needed in the hardware. I new it sounded to easy but so much wind is being wasted while the car is moving. I just believe somehow all this wind(for lack of a better word) could extend the distance to 500+ miles.
        maybe I'm just a dreamer, How many times did Edison fail before he made the light bulb?

        Study/Work on electric generation not the batteries. Everyone stick their hand out the window next time you go down the street in your car !!! LOL LOL LOL Back to dreaming again

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