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  • astrophil52 astrophil52 Mar 8, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    Short stats

    Looks like shorts are now 57% or the float. And the stock is going up 1-2% PER DAY. Q1 is probably going to be gangbusters and Blankenship is just starting to open outlets and take orders in Europe, which will probably be a bigger market than the USA in a year or so. If I were a short I wouldn't be getting much sleep these days. Short capitulation is going to be very painful for those folks. How do you cover 28M shorts when nobody wants to sell their shares. Oy

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    • based on what this market is doing its only a matter of time before shorts start to capitulate and we see all highly shorted stocks spike for no reason other than short covering. when there's no rhyme or reason to price movement in stocks its best not to be a short. Since we just killed the previous high set on the DOW who knows how high it might go. 33,000 on DOW is possible. Will it eventually go down, yes, but do you have the powder to wait it out. Don't fight the FED, don't fight the tape.

    • I agree, the luxury car market is big in Europe, and somehow they have dropped the recharging time from 1 hour here in the US to 30 mins?

    • I think shorts are liking what they see as the financials of the company take shape and they look just like an automaker. Low margins and massive capital requirements. Once that reality sets in, the valuation will regress to the mean. TSLA is not netflix or amazon in terms of multiple, and they are no apple in terms of ability to generate profit. They are a subscale car company.

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      • may be right, shorts are not really understanding how different Tesla is from all other car companies. Their products are FAR simpler to build, principally because the electric motor is trivially simple compared to an internal combustion engine with multi-speed automatic transmission. ICE engineers have done a superb job building a very complex engine, but, like the brilliant chemists who developed emulsion photographic film, their efforts will eventually be marginalized by new technology, in this case, the digital camera becomes the electric car. I'm really surprised at how few investors have come to this realization thus far.

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      • Tsla only has the most advance And efficient car in the world, what a worthless stock..

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