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  • seethelong seethelong Mar 10, 2013 3:25 PM Flag

    its about the car

    the company will do well if the car is good enough. i own a tesla model s. i love the car and figure at the price it is a steal on my part. i read about so much bs on this board. what the car wont do (havent found anything it doesnt do), range issues (there are none) the car is awesome. how about the claim that you have to pay the 12000 dollars up front to get the guaranteed price for a battery swap after 8 years ( a total lie). i met someone who had just brought his model s in for its 12500 mile check up. he got it just before the new year......not a single issue, he still loves the car.

    so tired of the misrepresentations. how many journalists quote him as saying the new york times review cost the company 100 million in sales. what he actually said that the valuation of the company went down 100 million when the stock dropped. how many times do financial writers remind us he is divorced twice. now we are hearing about his parenting skills, like an off the cuff joke really is an indication of that. we even have one detractor on the board claiming to abuse screwed up can it get.

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    • Seethe...First of all, I'm very envious that you have a Model-S and I don't. And I think you are absolutely right about the quality of this innovative product. The company and its stock are going nowhere but up. Finally, you touched on a key issue that is often overlooked, maintenance. The Tesla propulsion system has one moving part, the synchronous AC electric motor armature, compared to hundreds of precision moving parts in an internal combustion engine - automatic transmission combination. Not to mention supporting engine infrastructure like ignition, fuel injection, cooling, exhaust, emission system, Tesla is a real winner.

    • "Nuclear Industry Withers in U.S. as Wind Pummels Prices"
      Boomberg has a article that says that wind power and NG, have become economical enough to displace nuclear and coal plants. Parts of the country have surplus electricity and the cost drops to near zero at night. A great time for this electricity to be used to charge BEV. A lot of countries like China, Europe, etc are in the process of moving to renewables. It is not feasible to continue burning gasoline/diesel because of smog.

      What is missing for mass adoption of BEV is a disruptive tech in batteries. Graphene electrodes may provide the tech that is needed to double the capacity of the Lithium batteries. Advances in tech can change the entire landscape of ICE autos. Just like what digital photography did to Kodak. Or digital music and videos did to CD stores, Blockbuster Video, etc. 8-Track tape player anybody?!

      Meanwhile, Tesla with cars like the Model S will continue improving relentlessly. That is how tech works. Battery capacity increases at a compound rate of 7%/year on the average. Electrical efficiency of the inverter, motor will improve. Metal structures will become lighter with improved design, stronger alloys, etc. Costs will drop like most manufactured products, especially electronic. Time is their favor. ICE autos burning dinosaur juice and belching smoke are an anachronism.

    • It's the car
      It's the tech
      It's the CEO
      It's the marketing..
      Too many positives with this company..

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Glad you're enjoying your car. I'm so jealous. I have to wait till the stock goes up some more before i order mine. :) It's just a matter of when. Some longs say it will happen as fast as a space X rocket but I think stock price will be a nice % increase year after year. Like a good old blue chip , however with some nice % increases sprinkled in. Not counting on a squeeze. but def welcome one. Shorts IMO are so off base. I also wouldn't be surprised if profitable sometime this year as opposed to this quarter. But that's ok. I'll pick the fruit when it's ripe.

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