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  • kbodie77777 kbodie77777 Mar 14, 2013 10:53 PM Flag

    Tesla kwality ===== no one comes close

    Anyone else suffer the following problems?

    1)Creaking sunroof - (still creaking, Tesla tried to fix, not better)
    2)Glove Box retainer broken - stuck in open position - (fixed by Tesla)
    3)Rear seat belt not Latching - (fixed, I used tweezers to remove left over plastic that was stuck in mechanism)
    4)Initial attempt at software update aborted and caused software problems - (new update complete all problems resolved)
    5)New rattle at rearview mirror bracket.
    6)New rattle at driver's side seat belt mount.
    In addition to these problems I also suffered damage caused by service personnel:
    When I picked up my care from the service center in Los Angeles after the first attempt to fix the sunroof I noticed a large scuff on the side of steering wheel - (I'm reminded of it every time I drive the car.) The plastic/rubber gasket that is exposed on the roof of the car was also gouged and damaged when the tech tried the stop the creaks and rattles.

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    • Of course they do, though obviously improvement is needed. A few of these sound like supplier problems still. Tesla wouldn't make seat belt mechanisms, for instance. You can only inspect in quality up to a point so people say you can't. Originally you insisted that the cars would never be built just as you said the Dragon capsule would crash.

      What is the rate of these things vs other cars? Are serial numbers posted where you got these? So is improvement shown with ascending serial number? They are probably worse than Lexus but already peers, at least, of high end domestics (?) as a guess. I presume you spent gobs of time looking for this stuff since Tesla has become your life's work.

    • You think you have problems. On a personal front, my bones don't creak, but i do have to take a few Aleve now and then and also had to break down and spend a dollar at Dollar Tree for some reading glasses.

      On the car front, i chopped the top on my 27 Pontiac 2-dr sedan and when i called the GM parts line, they didn't stock the right side rear-view mirror or had 4" replacement front windshield glass in stock. i had to widen the TCI IFS unit and the turning radius isn't quite as tight as i'd like. i called Pontiac to complain, but the phone just rang and rang and rang....

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