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  • kbodie77777 kbodie77777 Mar 18, 2013 7:29 PM Flag

    Suntech defaults == don't worry be happy

    The green economy is just starting to roll.

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    • The green economy is undergoing the stage where only the fittest survive. In solar panels, it will be the Chinese due to the huge market and access to capital. However, a lot of solar panels are being installed. Wind power is even more successful. In the Germany more than 20% of the electricity is supplied by wind power and increasing. Increased use of hyro power using small dams have increased energy all over the place. Norway itself produces all of its electrical power from the grid. The hybrid auto has been quite successful.

      BEV chances are improving with time. Battery capacity has increased at the rate of 7%/year and may continue to do so. Disruptive tech could certainly double the energy density. Electrical power is now in surplus and at night it sells for 4 cents/KW-hr.

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      • "Norway itself produces all of its electrical power from the grid" ????

        Also, solar cell tech is still improving, of course invention and economic use are unpredictable. But it looks like the cost will continue to be driven down. It's surprising that solar power is attractive in, say, northern Europe given the climate. The cost of some competitive power sources are externalized from their economics, so they look better than they are. It's odd that the activists apparently will accept solar cell farms, but the mirrors and central tower idea gives them fits.

      • Solar panels have been around for at least 30 years. The technology is getting better but even with tax incentives they don't make sense. If they made sense the government would tax them.

        At this point in time they do not quite make sense. The cheap panels for China do make sense (hence Obama's 30% tax on Chinese panels). In Europe the govts have pulled the tax incentives and the demand collapsed.

        The sad reality is that if there was a solar panel that could pay for itself the government would cut itself in on the profits and waste the money subsidizing ethanol or something else that doesn't make sense.

        BTW I agree with you that Suntech's collapse is the latest example of the Green Economy shakeout. If this is allowed to continue and Obama would stop taxing imported panels then maybe solar energy would make sense in some areas (Southern CA for example).

        This is related to Tesla because Tesla is a creation of the green economy funding (signed by George Bush BTW). Some states require ZEVs and the idea was that small EV companies could sell ZEV credits to GM, Ford, and Toyota to subsidize EVs. That was good for tesla until the large OEMs decided to develop there own EVs (thanks to gasoline prices). The EV niche is flooded with products and no one is making money. The large OEMs do no need credits at this time.

        Green economy === a planned poltical economy === failure.

      • speaking of defaults, Kodak is up another 20% today. Overall it's now up over 100% since last week, I guess they will be coming out of chp11 afterall. They've been focused on Green printing tech for the past 5 years

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