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  • networthdev networthdev Mar 19, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    The Germans, "Breakthrough in Electricity Storage"

    So many smart people, Google article title, ""Breakthrough in Electricity Storage: New Large and Powerful Redox Flow Battery" if interested.

    "More and more electricity is being generated from intermittent sources of power, such as solar and wind energy. Powerful electric energy storage devices are necessary to level out corresponding irregularities in the power supply. Fraunhofer scientists have recently made an important breakthrough with their development of a redox flow battery that reaches stack power up to 25 kW, with a cell size of 0.5 square meters. This is eight times larger than the previous A4-sized systems."

    "The German Federal Government has set itself the objective of generating total electricity the country needs from sun, wind, biomass, by 2050. For the "Energiewende" to be a success, however, increasing amounts of solar and wind energy have to be stored for use during the night, or for times when there is less wind. Electric batteries are an option. Redox flow batteries offer an effective way to balance out fluctuations in the supply of renewable energy and thus guarantee its constant availability. The batteries store electrical energy in chemical compounds, the liquid electrolytes. The electrolytes are charged and discharged in small reaction chambers. Several of these cells are lined up in stacks. "

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    • Net
      It's good but still in the lab. In 5 - 10 years it might be in the market.

      "Schnurman: Wind power is a blowing force in Texas "
      "The cost of installing wind power remains at least 25 percent higher than natural gas, not including the tax credit. In December, the fiscal cliff debate put the tax break in jeopardy. Companies rushed to get wind farms completed before the incentive ended, and turbine-makers were cutting workers in anticipation of a slowdown. But the credit was extended through 2013, despite critics who wanted the industry to stand on its own."

      25% higher than installing NG. To this you add a battery.
      Look up BOB (Big Old Battery) in Texas. $44 million puts out 36 mW for a total of 15 min. as backup to a 154 mW wind farm Which means you still need a NG turbine running as a shadow to take over power at all times. (Spinning reserve)
      Batteries are an expensive fix which will not replace fossil fuels in the near future.
      I am hearing rumors of improvements in CAES (compressed air) , and lifting rocks which works like pumped hydro but also needs a convenient mountain to work. An Improvement in pumped hydro is rumored as well but unproven AFAIK.

      I was glad to hear Obama say he wanted to put money into R&D.

    • Great stuff, more to come.

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