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  • kbodie77777 kbodie77777 Mar 23, 2013 9:33 AM Flag

    available cash ==== $63 million

    Total cash == $201 million
    cash from reservations = $138 million

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    • Bud, really, you're not very smart, are you? Maybe calling you a moron is a slap in the face to all other morons in the world?

      Once more, to dumb it down further for you, Bud:

      You thinking that because a business sells a product for X amount of dollars means that business has cash available is beyond ridiculous!! What can the seller do with the cash? NOTHING! Until the company pays all expenses there is no cash available!! How dumb must you be to not recognize this simple reality? Tesla is a perfect example of NOT having cash available as it continues to burn through cash and working capital on a daily basis. In fact, Tesla is operating in a negative working capital position. I'm pretty certain you don't even understand what that means, either.

      Lastly, if you don't want to be called a moron, stop acting like one, Bud.

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      • Ajitmd, thanks for a realistic response. I never came here looking to argue. Debate? Yes! So I can assure you the mud-slinging didn't start with me.

        I don't agree with you about Tesla practice builds. If this happened, there exists no logical excuse for the botched initial production run.

        I'd be happy to eliminate the name-calling. Although it takes two to tango and I doubt seriously the most zealous-of- zealots on this board are willing to move away from that stance. I thought revealing my name would move some to quit with the insults. That didn't happen. So I imagine we're left with what remains.

      • ballcoach, I think Tesla did make practice runs on the factory. This kind of stuff is part of continuing improvement program that factories typically undergo. Toyota, BMW, they all do it, except the established car companies have enough time and expertise to make new production smooth. However, you do have a valid point, it is just Tesla does not have the luxury of time and cash. Yes, accounting is important, not just cash flow - at least for the long term.

        Anyway, why is it with your angry posts? You think the company has not future and many here think otherwise. I am long, may be I make some money, may be not. It is about perceived odds. In the end we all zero out when we all kick the bucket.

        Please do the best to be civil.

      • Bud, be my guest and parse words with me. It won't disguise the fact you have no clear concept of what the term "available cash" has to do with common business practices. You see, available cash means a busines has leftover cash to entertain doing other things with the money. Tesla has no such available cash and WILL NOT until/if it ever becomes profitable. Until then, every penny Tesla takes in is already spoken for. So having available cash is totally out of the question! I strongly suggest you spend some time talking to someone you know who actually IS in business, preferably the retail business. Better yet, how about calling those folks you said were buying property so they could "inventory" it for a future dealership?

        People who go into business expect to make money. Tesla, for 10 years (except for 1 month), has not made a dime. Therefore, reading your inane posts about cash and this recent blabber from you actually makes me laugh! So go ahead and refuse to engage, Bud. You've done it many times before when I've backed you into a corner. You should be quite conditioned by now for your mouth writing checks your posterior can't cover!

      • Coach your post is idiotic. As Tesla delivers a car the cash from that depost becomes "available." Available for paying employees, available for buying parfs and materials, paying down debt, keeping the lights on. just like all revenue and cash that comes into the company. You are confusing some calculation of operating profits with CASH. You pay the bills with cash. The more that comes in, such as from selling cars, the more is 'available' for meeting all the expenses a company has. I refuse to participate any further in a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

      • From a tesla long ((( All this talk of numbers bores me. Let's talk about what the next tweet will be! Meanwhile I'm going to buy more shares ))

        Conclusion: If you have no interest in number (profits or cash) then buy Tesla.

      • All this talk of numbers bores me. Let's talk about what the next tweet will be! Meanwhile I'm going to buy more shares.

      • Bingo! Kbodie, obviously Musk is acutely aware Tesla is on fumes. He knows it and as I have mentioned before, it's just a matter of time until yet another round of stock offerings takes place. I further said the next round will be particularly grueling for Musk and I think he's already paving the road with his latest tweet.

        IMO, all the fluff words/phrases will be forthcoming touting what is going to happen down the road. And all the zombies here will continue to applaud, even the nut case Cobra who claimed to have a 2,000 production number but never took delivery.

    • Reply to ballcoach:
      (( Lastly, did I not say long ago it was quite amazing Tesla was spending zero time with practice builds before the production commenced? ))

      You have to remember that Tesla is always running out of cash. The "practise builds" as you call them are expensive. This is a case of pay me now or pay me later. The production cars they sold are the "practise" cars . Many people are having problems. The future cost of warranty repairs will stifle profits.

    • Tesla is "juicing" cash with the $2,500 price increase, all the service plans, extended warranties, battery and tire plans, and normally-included features for luxury cars as extra price options. Most but not all have short decision windows. The early adopters are grousing but ponying up. It remains to be seen what effect the nickel and diming will have on potential second wave buyers. I still think they will announce a fourth offering sometime between 1Q13 earnings release in May and the annual meeting in June. Most of the 8 million shares in the third offering appear to have ended up in retail hands, since Nasdaq showed about 75 million shares in institutional holdings at 9/30 and less than a million more at 12/31.

    • As cars roll off the production line they get delivered, and then cash from reservations becomes available cash. That and the rest of the purchase price is paid in so there is even more cash available!

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      • For some reason I can't reply directly to ballcoach-- so here goes: coach said, "..your two moron pals seem to think cash available happens when a business takes in cash/" That's hilarious! And you call others 'moron'?!!??!

        A business taking in cash is likely to have more cash available than before taking in that cash. How absurd for you to be disparaging other's intelligence.

      • Ajitmd, LIFO/FIFO has exactly what do do with cash available? I'll tell you...... NOTHING! Who cares about how Tesla accounts things? That wasn't the point. The point was your two moron pals seem to think cash available happens when a business takes in cash. Your accounting theories notwithstanding.

        Oh, and I didn't say the people at Tesla were dumb as rocks. I reserved that for Bud/Murse.

        Lastly, did I not say long ago it was quite amazing Tesla was spending zero time with practice builds before the production commenced? Didn't I say Tesla was running out of time? Well, guess what happened? The intro was a failure. But what does this have to do with cash available? NOTHING!

        How about you sticking to the topic instead of throwing out meaningless accounting terms. There is ZERO net cash flow.

      • This Accounting 101 post is the most hilarious post I have read lately. I am long and I do not agree with ballcoach's pessimistic comments. However, the accounting makes sense. For a business like Tesla GAAP accounting is based on FASB and they probably do accrual basis for their accounting with either LIFO or FIFO. Over the short term what matters is net cash flow from operations before any depreciation, or free cash flow from operations.

        Tesla tripped all over themselves getting through Q4. Their factory was not running properly, labor costs were through the roof, inventory control was terrible, supply chain was mess. Volume was less than half the rated capacity. Yep, it was ugly.

        The good news is that from operations point of view it can not get worse, and they are not dumber than a rock. From their blog, they have been shipping about 500 cars/week for 3 weeks. It means volume has more than doubled and they mostly likely fixed the most glaring manufacturing and supply chain problems. Their number should less ugly than what has been expected - at the very least.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Bud, allow me to dumb this down for you and Murse as obviously, neither of you has the slightest clue about how a business operates:

        1. Say you sell a product for $10.
        2. It costs you $5 to produce.
        3. You pay your salesperson $1 to sell it.
        4. It costs you $2 for all other expenses.

        How much cash is available? $10 or $2? If you clowns say $10, then both of you are dumber than a rock!

        Simply stated, cash available is a balance sheet item. Sure, one could not pay bills or fail to pay salespeople. Also, one could take the profit, $2, and hold half of it by depositing it in the bank. When a financial statement is constructed, it will state $2 profit. The balance sheet will show $1 of cash available.

        For you two simpletons, cash available doesn't happen when a product is sold for cash, credit card, or wampum! Cash available happens after, AFTER expenses are paid and profits are taken. How you people could say otherwise escapes logic. It really does! It's just like arguing with you fools. It's akin to cruelty to animals.

    • cash taken in from Jan. 2013- current deliveries 4000 x 70000 = 280,000,000

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