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  • networthdev networthdev Mar 25, 2013 3:32 PM Flag

    Aluminum-Air Battery to Power EVs for 1000 Miles

    Nice, Google subject for more details.

    "Moreover, say CEO Aviv Tzidon, the company has signed a contract with a global automaker to deliver production volumes of the device starting in 2017. Which isn't really all that far away in car time, since we're already seeing 2014 model-year cars on the road."

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    • Is Car Years the same as Dog Years., or have you been smokin some of the ashes from snowballs annual statements.

    • This is the beginning of the end game for the ICE cars. Remember how everyone was in love with their PC, and people KEPT saying it's days were numbered, given the emerging smart phone platforms. Nobody listened, BUT KNOW, MSFT is just a smoking pile of rubble. LOL :-) ICE is next, and it's gonna come faster than people think. Same as with the PC.

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      • !!! AND !!! just as June 29, 2007 was that inflection point for the PC, and few saw it, 2013 is that SAME inflection point for the iCE machine's. :-)

      • Your funny, the other side of the cloud, All, legacy, being commoditized, and marginalized by open source, there in lies the problem for the poor folks that get those commodity salaries to manage it.. Doesn't matter, POINT IS/was the PC is a dying breed, MSFT's businesses are ALL legacy, and they are a ZOMBIE company, sucking the blood out of those that can't convert based on legacy integration YET, YET, YET, until the pain gets great enough that they bite the bullet and move.

      • Wow networthdev, I see you know nothing about database systems or the Cloud. What's on the other side of the Cloud. Is data just floating around? It's on SQL Server or Oracle. It's just managed by someone else. Like me. I'm a Sr. Database Architect in the Silicon Valley. What database platform are you an expert on? Have you ever been on an engineering team that designs and supports Clouds?

        You know SAP, the third largest software company in the world? They run their Business OnDemand in the "Cloud". They bought that from Business Objects for 7 billion bucks a few years back. Companies can push their data to this "Cloud" and run everything within SAPs environment. A year ago I was the one running all the SQL Servers, 40 + production systems and over 100 total, in this "Cloud" for SAP. So yeah, SQL Server, and RDBMS, will be around a long time. And it's growing year over year. SAPs Hana is nothing exciting. Wow, they can cache the entire database in memory. Yeah, so can any RDBMS if the system has more RAM than Data. I can pin every table to memory if it does.

      • MSFT's business are ALL legacy business, they have NO GROWTH businesses, they are a ZOMBIE company. Managing 100 DB from an iPad, your kidding right??? SQL, the world is moving into the cloud, and MSFT, pretends to be going there, but they make their money as a premise company, (ZOMBIE) dead company walking.

      • Wow.. you couldn't be more wrong. ICE cars will always be around. Sorry, but I like to tweak my car. Add more power after I get use to the current level. And yeah, Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche, BMW, MB, Audi.. all gone. And PCs are dead? I guess you don't work in high-tech. I'm not able to manage 100+ database servers on an iPad lol. And MS is dead? Wow.. so very wrong. SQL Server makes them billions a year. Office is also a huge revenue generator. So misinformed you are...

      • Sorry Noballs & aliases, meant NOW, not Know. LOL :-)

    • Here's a fun fact from the article, "As far as we know, there are no vehicles on the market today that offer 1,000 miles of continuous range using either gasoline or diesel fuel.'

      Guess now the ICE car's will be the ones with range anxiety

    • They signed with Renault/Nissan for that. Sounds like an R&D project more than an actual deliverable.

      No "battery" goes 1000 miles. It's based on kWh stored and energy density. I once had a car that would go 10,000 miles on a fill up. It had a 500 gallon gas tank.

      Sentiment: Buy

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