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  • camk7 camk7 Mar 26, 2013 3:37 PM Flag

    For the longs

    Just some fun ideas about what the announcement could be..
    From the tesla motors club website.

    Tesla reveals gen3 concept
    Official announcement of gen3 (however no concept car yet)
    More Superchargers to be installed.
    Tesla buys Fisker.
    Separate Model S production to be set up in Europe.
    Tesla/Elon to set up financing for the Model S.
    Free solar for all Model S owners and all future Tesla car customers
    Tesla to use "Phinergy" 1,000 mile Aluminum-Air battery in 2017/Gen3
    Tesla to issue stock buy-back program to enhance shareholder value/eventually take TSLA private
    Elon planning to be the first CEO to circle Mars with upcoming 2017 launch window
    Google and Tesla to work together on a self driving electric car
    Apple and Tesla to work on or develop the "iCar" (or Apple to invest heavily/buy Tesla, solving Teslas cash flow issues)
    New battery packs/ Model S variants
    Elon to literally "eat" his fortune
    Tesla and SolarCity merge. Elon buys huge stake in new company.
    Announcement of the tech tweeted as "some really cool tech that we can't talk about yet".
    Tesla Model S leasing program.
    Completion of 10,000th Model S production vehicle and exercise of 6.7M shares of stock.
    EM: "in the future, all modes of transport will be electric - with the ironic exception of rockets". Elon will provide funding for new Tesla daughter that heads into electric aircraft development.
    Elon repaying the DOE loan from his pocket
    Teslamotors building the trucks that will transport SpaceX rockets
    Elon to purchase Uber and convert the entire fleet to Model S sedans
    Elon to fund development of a Solar Powerplant backed up with Tesla batteries.

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    • I have so many possibilities in my head and yet I still think it's going to be a total surprise.

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    • Where would Tesla get the biggest bang for the buck?
      - SC network: Range anxiety is main reason why the hi end market is limited. Real world range of the MS85 is 200-225 miles in moderate climates at normal highway speeds. Less in cold climates. Need SC at every 100-200 miles depending on the conditions. In the US, it would mean a minimum of 200 if not 300 SC in the highways. Would have to see hotels with money to help select hotels/restaurants with 100 A/240V chargers; hotels could charge for use. At $250/SC with 6 bay, they will need $50-75M minimum. Double that for Europe.
      - Model X: They would need to spend $500M minimum or equipment, plus inventory of may be $250M to produce Model X. No sure, it is worth the money. They need to get rid of the gull wings. Battery would need to go to 125 KW-hr battery, otherwise it is a lame SUV. SUV is all about having power. With limited resources, best to focus on Model S and improve on it. I doubt Elon has that kind of money laying around.
      - Buying and developing disruptive battery tech: That is what they needed in the first place.

    • I'm with cowboy....."Put my money where my mouth is" Except I don't see how anouncing 5,000 fits Elon spending money.

      So I'm going with he is using some of HIS money for....

      DOE Loan
      Supercharger Network

      Nothing to do with SpaceX, Solar City, or Tesla Company type anouncement. My caveat is his actually anouncment does not fit theTweet. We shall see, but I'm counting on him anouncing he is spending his own privately held money effectively "Doubling Down".

      Long, but Hedged

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    • Unless he's using the phrase incorrectly, "put my money where my mouth is," implies that the announcement will be regarding something he's alluded to or promised in the past. If that's the case, the possible subjects of the announcement are narrowed. One's I can think of are...
      The first quarter will indeed be profitable
      First quarter production has reached 5,000. (I consider this one the most likely)
      Financing for the Model S
      Model S leasing
      Early repayment of the DOE loan
      Something regarding the building of the supercharger network

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