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  • jonlaughing jonlaughing Mar 27, 2013 11:37 PM Flag

    New Financing - Tweet possibilities

    Tesla had to raise cash via stock sales and debt financing $ 338M in 2010, $ 446M in 2011, and $ 420M in 2012. So how are they going to raise another $300M this year? Are stockholders in line to put up another slice? Who would dare float a bond issue unless they were senior to the DOE and had a stack of warrants as well? Or maybe Musk is going to do another GS loan/guarantee/investment and that is what all the tweets are about. Otherwise the power doesn't get paid, the suppliers hold their goods, the X remains the dream, and S becomes history. Or then again Daimler steps up offers 20% over market price, overbidding Toyota by $400M.

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    • Mercedes seems serious about their EV based on Tesla platform. They may decide to up the ante and buy the company. Pocket change for them. However, Toyota would not give up either... their CEO is a car nut and they go more $mullah than the Germans. Best synergies would be with Toyota.

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      • I think all the big companies are letting Tesla do all the dirty work developing/testing/producing a good EV platform, then will swoop in and buy them up. Good news for us is that will be one hell of a bidding war! Mercedes wants the luxury image, Toyota wants the green image, and they both want a good EV car!

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    • I don't see how funding can be "Exciting" unless Musk decides to cover Tesla's shortfall it for free.
      Possible but not something I would bet on.
      I think the SC network Is most likely. Soon after will come the announcement of a secondary.

    • (( Or then again Daimler steps up offers 20% over market price, overbidding Toyota by $400M ))

      Very unlikely. Buying Tesla means supporting another platform. That is a huge responsibility and cost with almost no benefit (except 20,000) sales.

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      • HaHa Wouldn't it be fun to be in the meeting where they discuss the proposed buyout. To hear the howls of derision, the scoffs, and the chuckles. Could the Germans do it with a straight face or would the see the humor in it. I suspect the Japanese lords wouldn't. But it would still be fun to be in their meeting too. Honorable hari-kari for the one who proposed the take over.

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