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  • mt_lassen mt_lassen Apr 16, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    Why the big jump up today 4/16

    TSLA up $2.39 +5.51% at this writing. Not complaining as I am long, but I am curious.

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    • Bama administration wants to increase the EV tax credit to $10,000. Plus they are increasing government research in battery tech. Look at ARPA website and they are doing a lot of research in this area.

    • My opinion is it's tied to the Morgan Stanely Information and Elon letting it be known he is toying with Federal Court to get the freedom to sell cars directly. I think large Short Positions realize if he wins, he can market, sell, finance or do whatever he wants via his showrooms. They may not believe in Tesla, but it's alot of risk to be short if all those hurdles are taken down and he is free to build a distribution network any way he wants.

      He will put smaller lower cost showrooms with modest inventory in High Income shopping areas and have targeted markets. It will be far more effecient for him versus the large Parking Lots formaly known as Dealerships. (Said that just to set Coach, Kbodie and others off)..... :) I wonder if I got their blood pressure to 200 over 100 with that one..?

    • its called MoMo

      even yesterday, the stock was surging forward and even went green a couple of times.

      this stock is incredibly strong and resilient

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