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  • seethelong seethelong Apr 16, 2013 8:29 PM Flag

    the goal of the bashers

    i think of the bashers as a different group than the shorts. i understand the shorts and their goals. by bashers, i refer to those who "have no skin in the game" but spend inordinate time and effort in attempt to discredit company. i am facinated by what their motives can be since its not economic according to them (thinking of ballcoach kbodie etc).

    do they believe if they can hurt the share price than they hurt the company?? that would seem extremely strange since the health of the company usually affects the price. the price of the stock does not affect the health of the company. if they actually could keep the price of the stock down, it would not affect the operation of the company

    do they hate the group of stock holders? that would seem wierd too. too many to hate and they cant get a list of those.

    do they hate musk? keeping the price of the stock down would affect his personal wealth but i dont believe he could care less about that. before you jump at me about that, how many of us would be upset if we only had 2 billion dollars instead of 4 billion instead of 10 billion dollars? i wouldnt care less. he is driven not by personal wealth but by pride, adoration and achievement.

    i suspect the bashers are only attention getting. the more attention they get the more outlandish they become (kbodie for instance). wish we could all ignore them and plan to in the future.

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    • I got to give the bashers some credit: They are persistent in the face of the stock going up so much. I do not know what their agenda is. Got to be combination of having some short stock (I doubt), puts and paid bashers by short interest funds, car dealers, etc. It does not cost much to pay some dude or duddete who can work from home and post. Or even somebody in college, school, etc. Who knows? Some know the industry, others are clueless. Not that it matters to the car company itself.

    • Well the board isn't for investors anyway it's for entertainment and so Yahoo can sell advertising. Make no connection between comments and money at stake. It's just slagging on here. Look at how most people think that insults are the highest form of discussion. Just insults with not a bit of imagination. Some do make cogent arguments and from what I read they are mostly pessimistic about the company. So what? And as Jung, Freud and various others have said - if you really want to learn something about psychology just start staring in the mirror. Speculations about speculators are specious.

    • See, speaking of pumpers, what became of your India buddy, Oldtimer?

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    • You have to wonder if any of them have any vested interest in the oil and gas industries. Some may be paid to do it and others are grumpy old investors with lots of time on their hands and they enjoy acting like children.

      The EV industry for personal transportation is being birthed over the last couple years and growth is imminent going forward. What is needed are cost-of-scale changes to the industry so that electric vehicles drop in price with or without subsidies. Without all the guts of the drivetrain that is found in a typical car, EVs could eventually become cheaper to build than ICE-based cars.

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      • This. No average joe with no interest in the car industry would have any reason to hate Tesla so much. The guys whose source of income could be threatened by Tesla have a reason though. Honestly, I see Tesla as a good hedge for those guys. If Tesla puts you out of business, at least you made lots of money off the stock. Gas prices was actually one of the initial reasons I invested. I figure if gas prices soar, TSLA will do well and it will all balance out.

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