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  • cascademtnclimber cascademtnclimber May 8, 2013 7:40 PM Flag

    There are 20-40 million shorts, volume was only 2 million AFTERHOURS

    Run the numbers kids....before longs were wishing/hoping/praying that TSLA would meet .03-.04 earnings. The analyst with the highest guess said .09. TSLA said .12.

    Blew away revenues. Margin was 17%

    Tesla went conservative on its future outlook of the year. ELON MUSK is LOWBALLING the analysts!

    20-40 million shares short. 2 million were traded after the bell. Not all of those were short covering. Do not let them play games and try to rip shares away from you. You can not lose here. The other day was people ADDING to their short position. (why else did the stock drop from 62 to 55 on no news?)

    So now you have additional shorts in at 55-62 and the stock hit 72 after hours only? with only 2 million in volume after hours?

    What does 9 million share BULLISH day do? hold onto those shares...i didn't sell at 62 when I had no clue what the numbers would be from TESLA. So why the heck would I sell at a mere 72 when they are firing on all cylinders?

    Think about the media in the next few days, think about the analysts, think about the government getting their loan back.....the press and media are going to go to town screaming TESLA'S name. Free marketing/sales everywhere!

    If you short, or stay are the greater fool.

    This will be a $100+ stock so fast it will make your head spin.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The old shorts will be replaced by new ones. It is a viscous cycle. Loved the money I made trading it on the long side, but be very careful holding this all day tomorrow. Best to sell and buy back on the dips.

    • I realize everyone is excited and giddy. Of course they are. But sometimes you have to sit back and relax and think.

      News articles don't come out instantly. All analyst reports do not come out instantly. Stock newsletters don't come out instantly. Financial magazines dont come out instantly. Auto Magazines dont come out instantly. Newpaper press doesnt come out instantly.

      All of these entities have to write a NEW STORY about the success Tesla is having. You have to put aside that you're an investor or trader at the moment. Tesla has now proven what it said it can do. It is not a Fisker. It is a successful new car maker in the USA. This is big. This is phenomenal. Do you really think the premium on this is only 6 points over the $62 it hit recently without this quarterly report? Do you think the shorts were scared before this day? No. and No.

      The temptation is to lock in profits if you're a trader or investor. But based on what fear? There is now ZERO FEAR. Longs now have ZERO FEAR going forward. If there is no FEAR besides stock price fluctuation....then why on earth sell?

      Answer: YOU DON'T....neither will other longs.

      Tesla just gave everyone a reason to become long. Current holders, and more importantly...NEW SHAREHOLDERS.

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    • 72.6 M Float...42% Short interest. If we say that 3 M shares traded after-hours (conservative), that leaves around 27 M shares that need to cover...only one way this can end, and it ain't short.

      Sounds like okulawd lost his shirt...

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      • 2 Replies to nm_farm_boy
      • 1,917, 038 traded afte rhours, there was no short covering, if any. last trade was 100 shares at 69.

      • The closing volume I got was 4.7 million shares on the close. The volume since then went to 6.7 million after the close. So a difference of 2 million shares traded after hours. Go to CNNMoney and it shows you the volume for only after says 1.8 million. Not all of those were short covering either. I added to my shares after reading the shareholder letter at $62. Why? They handed me a bargain for no good reason.

        But people are not can not cover 20-42 million shares with volume of 2 million. And there is nothing negative in their report. There were no analyst "GOTCHA!" questions or responses on the conference call.

        You can not continue to short a NON EXISTENT negative. You just can't.

        I follow GMCR (Green Mtn Coffee) and these awesome guys are expanding their alliance with Starbucks. Note their stock price after hours vs. close on earnings today. Watch as their short position unwinds as well.

        Tesla is going to rock over the next few weeks.

        Oh yeah....and don't forget about the SURPRISE news releases from Musk coming up!

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    • Firing on all cylinders? They're out of customers.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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