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  • rs2ms2ts2ks72 rs2ms2ts2ks72 May 13, 2013 5:39 PM Flag

    People they only sold 5,000 cars!!!

    Watch what you invest in. There is hype around something which is really a non event. If you think of all the money spent by TLSA to sell only 5,000 high priced toys. By the way, until they improve powerplant emissions a "green" car using a todays powerplants isn't that green.

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    • It's not about what they did last quarter, it's about what they'll do next quarter. Which is greener power plant or ICE?

    • My understanding is that their powercharge stations or what do they call them are solar...
      My long-term sentiment: watchíng for years, but always scared to touch it :/

    • I live in WA state......our powerplant are Hydroelctric Dams. It doesn't get greener than water!

      People buy stocks for the future...not the past. Their facility can produce more than 5000 cars a quarter....a lot more.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • one more thing. have fun with a car with 100's of moving parts which break down everyday.

      the only way we can move forward is to support those companies who strive for a better technologically advanced vehicle. if everyone thought your way we would be shoveling coal in our cars and everyone behind you would have black faces and coughing up tar.

      as time goes by these cars are going to be amazing. this is just the beginning. in 20 years things are going to be quite different. and the batteries will be so much smaller and people will not be in as much accidents with Google auto drive. kind of sucks to be in less control but better than killing people and drunks can get home safer.

    • Also wait until they are able to make a car for the middle class or even lower class. then see what the potential is. it will be ridiculous how much shares will be.

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      • You just don't get it and probably never will. Its a huge gamble---do it with your money. The fact that all the other electrics have failed should tell you of the challenge. The infastructure you never mention as its too overwhelming to think about. One day yes---electrics will probalbly be ok. Not an IRA investment for sure. The LEAF made by Nissan has sold very few cars and they are cancelling many charge stations I continually read as there is no payback. Range to short, battery 40k in 5 years---address that

    • it has nothing to do with how many cars they have sold. it has to do with the fact that are now in the black and are the only automotive company to survive against all the big companies like GM, FORD, MAZDA etc. They also sell a product (ELECTRIC CAR) which is about to be adopted by everyone. There is so much potential that this company can be worth billions and billions.

      if people thought the way you did then no one would have bought into microsoft way back when people thought it was rediculous to have a home computer. but great investors who had forsight believed that every home will have one and the potential to make millions off the stock was simple.

      This is the same case. People see that Tesla is going to be massive. Its pretty simple to see that they will go from 5000 to 20000 then jump to 150,000 and then 750,000 etc....Gas is going out. its a new word out there and this is your "Microsoft" or "Apple" of 2013...the chance to be the rich guy instead of the should a would a could a. just buy and let it sit for 2 to 4 years and retire early.

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