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  • clintjharris clintjharris May 14, 2013 11:04 PM Flag

    Republicans can't stand another Obama success story. They will kill this company.

    I bet you anything, this stock goes down 30 points within 2 months.

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    • so the next pres will be Republican-Christie-of NJ
      where I bought my Tesla with long TSLA $ tax free!
      no state taxes on EVs in NJ

    • You are confusing Stock price with Tesla success. I think they will be successful and I wont be surprised if the stock pulls back.

      Im neither republican nor dem, but you cant in good faith take credit for tesla success and then ignore Fisker or Solendra.....

      Granted some conservatives are over the top and irrational about the loan, ev credits and tax breaks, but I suspect there are more registered republicans buying both the car and stock then you think.

      The hand full of TV blow hards dont represent conservative.

    • Elon Musk has the full backing of the party in power! Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown certainly supports Tesla. Best of all, President Obama is a fan Elon Musk. NASA has awarded $1.6B in contracts to SpaceX, plus paid for research for starters. Solar City and Tesla are getting all kinds of tax credits, green credits and they will continue, if not increase! Then there is the soft DOE loan. Support from Argonne Labs for battery tech.

      The best is yet to come. I suspect, the Justice Department will go after all these crooked dealers in places like Texas and NC that want to prevent Tesla from selling autos directly to consumers. That constitutes restraint of trade, interference in interstate commerce, plus violation of anti thrust laws. Makes those ICE auto dealers look like crooks.

      Yes, the stock may pull back, but long term holders will not care. Look at MSFT, INTC, CSCO, AAPL. They all had corrections during their rise to dominance. Of course, nothing last forever and there will be a time to cash out of Tesla in a few years.

    • Think you may be getting a little paranoid here. Stay positive...breathe...1 bad day does not define this company.

    • I hope there are enough right wingers with balls to stand up to the NC legislature and explain to them that they are walking all over their "free market" bs through the move they just made against a brand new US JOB CREATOR...............jeez I hate the GOP/TP

    • Another success story?
      Benghazi not enough??

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