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  • mojoxxx30 mojoxxx30 May 17, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    How many 100K electric toy this company can sell?

    specially when other car makers are flooding the market with 30K range electric vehicle.

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    • The Model S is a luxury sedan probably in the same market class as the BMW 5 series. It doesn't make sense to compare it to the other $30K models out there. Of course, in the future, Tesla will develop lower priced models probably more comparable to the 3 series and closer to the $40,000 range. In 2012, BMW sold 359,000 5 series. It seems very doable for Tesla to hit their 20,000 annual sales target. The 5 series will cost you about $50,000. You can get the Tesla for about $20,000 more for $70,000. There a lot of people out there with this kind of money. Think of just the people that work at Google, Apple, Facebook, LinkedlIn, Salesforce, etc. You get the point. In my 20 minute commute ride, I'm seeing about 3-4 Tesla's out there. However, I see a lot more BMW's, Mercedes and Audi's. The 20,000 sales target seems doable to me.

    • The 'toy' outsold both the nissan leaf and the chevy volt last quarter...oh, and it's twice as expensive. It has also outsold the comparably priced benz and bmw last quarter...

      Cover and come to the long side. Thank me later...or now, whatever.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • if "volatile" mid-east go up... gas maybe $10. per gallon... then wait list for Tesla long... while you fillin' up your "thirsty gas-guzzler' AT $50. PER "DAY"...

      guy drive by in TESLA... laugh at you... him cost: $2.50 a day vs. YOU $50. A DAY...for same commute mileage... he also blow your doors off at traffic light... when you finished in gas line...

      also: him saving $6000. plus a year on gas at $4. per gal ...if $10. a gal...

      TESLA guy saving $15,000. a year MULTIPLY BY SIX YEARS... HIS TESLA "FREE" compared to you...including xtra batt pack if needed...

      DO THE MATH... you, for sure stupid ryan type republlican... still can't see COMMON SENSE... should go "back to school" learn arithmetic... then read "economics book"...

      I LIKE GETTING "VIRTUALLY FREE" performance luxury car...

      subsidy from "gas guzzler fanatic" REAL SWEET TOO!

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      • our MILITARY also NO LONGER in MID-EAST... it hit the fan AND GAS WILL GO TO $10.

        notice...SYRIAA, IRAN, ISRAEL ...not behavin' ...could happen now (hopefully not right a way) ...BUT DON'T LOOK GOOD TO ME... for them simmer down over there...

        so I sign up for Tesla soon... though I don't need it as much as many... because gas 4 or 10 per gallon not affect me much... don't work... train to Manhattan down the block... so I can amuse myself WITHOUT SPENDING LOTS ON GAS, etc.

        shopping close by I can keep mileage down, etc. ...sorry for commuter type people though... unless use mass transit, etc.

        also imagine HOW QUIET CITIES BE ...with only "tire noise" in Manhattan... I go much more often if don't have to breath so much fumes, etc.

      • You do the math. The battery degrades after seven years. Replacement cost, $42,000.

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