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  • hireamutt hireamutt May 23, 2013 7:59 PM Flag

    Shorting tomorrow.

    I like the move at the end of the day. Classic move by hedgies - buy up options and then make a mega purchase at the end of the day leave any sellers dazed. No news to support it. Tomorrow the hedgies cash out on the option profit and at 10:30 AM it dives ;)

    Can't wait for tomorrow

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    • ddeboy May 24, 2013 8:10 AM Flag

      okay.. good luck with that. *whispering to my neighbors* - He'll lose a lot of money.

    • I am quite surprised with the fact how speculative your market can be. You are thought to be a very mature market by the foreigners but what I am seeing here is worse than in emerging countries. You are pumping and dumping billions worth companies like nothing. Some stupid news is able to trigger tsunami or avalanche. It is all about speculation which is based on borrowed money thus do not be disappointed if one day everything crashes. My lecturer said once that there is a much much much bigger (a do not remebmer now but I were shocked) value of all open positions all over the world than global GDP is. So where is the cover I ask? There is None. All this is based on rumours, confidence and so on which is very shaky.

    • curt.renz May 23, 2013 9:47 PM Flag

      Some who follow the market closely may have felt the loan prepayment was old news. At the Thursday opening they apparently "sold on the news". But the news was widely presented to the general public throughout the day. For those who despise government aid to businesses this was huge. It may have stunned some of them to start taking notice of Tesla Motors. They may have become encouraged to buy the car and shares of the company. The won't all have done this in one day. The effect will be spread out.

      Elon Musk would have anticipated this. It's all part of his plan to dole out a series of announcements in the most effective manner to enhance orders for the Model S and the price of the stock while squeezing out the short sellers. We are still awaiting promised announcements regarding the network of Supercharger stations and "something under a Model S driver's nose." Elon's "Tsunami of Hurt" continues to wash over the shorts.

    • you are going to get fried. Dont stand on the way. We are going to da mooon.

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