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  • manicpennystocks manicpennystocks May 24, 2013 7:46 PM Flag

    Brilliant cash grab. Elon 2nd offering / competitors

    Even nubes know that. BUT.. I will say this ..
    I see the long term potential value here with key word being "potential"
    As a realist & value investor I can see wall st. holding up 50% overvaluation based on Elon's history of executing well & the dollar signs seen in their misguided dreams of TSLA being the worlds dominant EV maker..
    Do you really think tat the true heavyweights of the industry will allow TSLA to gain dominant market share in the e/v segment??
    Not going to happen.
    I will hand it to him. SOME HOW he has managed to pull of a successful 2nd offering at an insane overvaluation.. This is a perfect example of the classic grab for the cash.. Remember what happened to Primo Water directly after doing a second offering while the stock was already overvalued?
    Shareholders lost over 90% of their investment buying the overvalued 2nd offer
    Elon has priced this second @ 92.45 & deided to add almost an extra 1M shares last minute?
    Let's face it.
    Every potentially positive catalyst is already baked into TSLA's share price here in the 90's..
    Yes Elon has bought shares.. Yes Elon paid the DOE back 1st??
    Why ??
    To make himself look like Wall Streets Golden Child so suckers pay $92.45 + for shares of a massively speculative investment..
    Unfortunately anyone buying at these levels as a long term investment will surely be learning a tough lesson soon enough.

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