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  • gsbevo gsbevo May 27, 2013 9:34 PM Flag

    Tesla is in Trouble..Here comes the bad news finally..

    "We actually lose money with each Ampera we sell, because the technology is too expensive," said Karl-Thomas Neumann, chief executive of General Motors' unprofitable unit Opel.

    Last year, the GM brand sold 5,300 Amperas out of 1 million cars, making it the best-selling passenger car running on electricity in Europe, according to the company.

    The low interest in Germany is echoed by problems elsewhere.

    U.S. electric car battery maker A123 filed for bankruptcy and cash-strapped Fisker Automotive is in talks to sell itself to a new owner.

    On Sunday, Israeli charging station provider Better Place filed a court motion to liquidate.

    Renault, which partnered with Better Place to set up a battery swapping network in Israel and Denmark, said the move did not call into question its own electric vehicle strategy, one of the most aggressive.

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    • curt.renz May 27, 2013 10:11 PM Flag


      Why did you leave out the capitalized section heading "TESLA RARE SUCCESS" of your selective quote from today's Reuters article and the final sentence?

      It concluded with, "Upstart electric car maker Tesla (TSLA.O) has been a rare success story, posting its first-ever quarterly profit."

    • As I remember it, GM was losing money on many gas cars. Even with the bailout that cost all of us tax $'s, they still exited Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Saturn franchises. Bad Management was the cause and all indication is Tesla's management is exceptional.

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      • Tesla has no earnings. Tesla and Musk cooked the Tesla books using "Green Credits" which is against the SEC policy when reporting earnings. Tesla is in violation of the SEC Earnings Reporting Act for using "Green Credits" and calling the money revenue and or net profits when in fact the money was nothing to do with any kind of Tesla cars being sold. Tesla Cooked the Books and Musk knew it.

    • This sounds like bad news for GM and Better Place.

      For Tesla, it's 2 less competitors.

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      • Do you even know what you are talking about...Better Place was setting up a chain of charging stations but because of bad demand for electric vehicles, the company is selling out, bankrupt. The electric car will never be anything. Who wants to sit for 30 to 60 minutes waiting for a car to charge when they can pump gas and within 5 minutes be back on the road. To top things off, Musk is not telling anyone, if you let the car sit for more than a day, it drains the battery in the Model S so it is then dead in your driveway. Also, the cold will wipe out the battery, has Musk made any mention of this huge problem. Also, did anyone see the picture on Bloomberg yesterday of a Model S sitting inside a store's window? The car lost power and the driver lost control of the Model S, it went right through a store's front window. Let me tell you, Tesla is doomed along with SolarCity.

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