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  • jesterbunk jesterbunk May 31, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

    Why was Musk so disingenuous on CNBC?

    He says it's fair to show estimated gas savings on their website financing page because it presents a truer cost estimate to the user, but I see nothing on that page about the amortized cost of battery replacement.

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    • You are the one that is disingenuous. Anyone can go to Youtube and see Musk and listen to him at other talk shows and interviews. Why don't you leave the forum if you don't like him or Tesla? Why torture yourself and us with your negative attitudes? Oh, because you are shorting the stock!

    • Did you see any amortized cost of replacing a muffler, or engine, or catalytic converter for Ford or GM on their website.?

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      • Xof66e, ever hear of Edmunds??? Edmunds provides a Cost Of Ownership report . It's simple to find and use.

        It doesn't surprise me Tesla is offering a complete free battery replacement if one goes down. But it doesn't address the staggering warranty costs associated with a guaranteed failure of the battery as will be the case for the 4dr. What was disingenuous about the whole deal was Musk somehow feeling compelled to defend the veracity of the battery to begin with! After all, it was him who drew attention to the cost of ownership, or should I say, the ownership "advantages" anyway.

    • Musk looked afraid and nervous on CNBC because, like I have posted in my previous posts, my family has been in the automotive business for over 100 years. I have been checking every contact I have throughout the auto industry, Tesla is not selling any cars nor does the company have a backorder. In fact, dealers are refusing to take the Model S in for trade. Only a hand full of dealers that want to test the market for the car have taken them in to see if they sell. Banks are not financing the cars because the banks cannot place a true value on the car. Tesla is in big trouble. The stock will sink, it is just a matter of time.

    • So after 7 years an ICE car needs nothing? I don't think it list "timing belt replacement", "clutch replacement", "transmission overhaul" or "head gasket replacement" either.

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      • d_vwatts, are you talking about luxury vehicles? Or are you talking about Kia's? While timing belts "could" wear, it's not guaranteed. Unless you drive Porsche manuals, clutch replacement is non-existent in luxury vehicles. Same is true with replaced trannies and head gaskets. The depth of technology nowdays in transmissions makes them virtually bullet-proof. If one does fail, it would be early in the warranty and fully covered anyway. Then again, I don't know about your point of reference and whether or not you choose NOT to protect yourself with extended warranties?

        By the way, not to be crass, where did you come up with these "needs", Wikipedia?

        I think what you miss is what someone else said and I said many months ago: The battery WILL fail......... in maybe 7 years. Imagine walking into a luxury store and being told your new engine will likewise fail in the same period? How willing would you be to pay full sticker?

      • I had no idea batteries were as cheap! Oh wait, they aren't. In 6-7 years time when selling the car, people look it over and estimate its chances of breaking. With an electric car, the first thing checked will be the battery. Would you buy an old electric car just before the battery needs replacing, unless you got a huge discount? No, you wouldn#$%$ disingenuous to ignore this.

      • I would imagine the tesla has many equivalent parts that also would need to be replaced. But as we know, the savings on gas on most of these cars is more than offset by the huge price of these batteries and their relatively limited life - given that they are a main component.

        If a specific car model had an almost guaranteed engine failure rate at some point during the average life of the car, most people would shy away.

        And an even more fair comparison would be to show the cost of gas vs the cost of electricity vs average ICE engine life vs EV battery life.

        But I fear that would tip the scales too much.

    • Jester, exactly, thank you!

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