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  • careful_investor_wins careful_investor_wins Jun 3, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

    Shorts can send TSLA stock above $200

    All shorts need to buy and cover sooner or later because TSLA is flooded with cash and does not have any more financial concerns. Shorts have no fundamental cases against TSLA anymore. From 4/30 to 5/15 shorts bought and covered 4.5 million shares. That sent TSLA stock up from $54 to $84. But there are still 23 million shares shorted. That is more than enough shorts to send TSLA stock above $200. Very dumb to still be on the short side of this stock. Shorts can lose a lot of money in this stock.

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    • I told you guys shorts can send TSLA stock above $200 when the stock was only around $90. Now it is almost there, and still on track to get way beyond $200. I will do another calculation to update the price target. Could be $300 or $400.

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    • wonder where tesla is getting all that "cash" from, hehe. from dummy longs, certainly not from the actual car buyers themselves who is being subsidized to buy and drive their discounted toys to show off to their friends when it should have cost them over $100k+, what suckers!

    • careful_investor_wins careful_investor_wins Aug 16, 2013 11:25 AM Flag

      At this rate, we should go over $200 before Christmas. But it will not stop there. This stock will most likely go over $300 just by the short cover buying alone.

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    • careful_investor_wins careful_investor_wins Aug 15, 2013 12:13 PM Flag

      Still 18 million shares in the short hands, and we are already above $140. At this rate, TSLA may hit $300 by the time shorts are done buy and cover.

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    • Eventually the silly shorts will pay $200+ to buy and cover this stock. Very dumb to be on the short side of the fastest growing best car maker of the world.

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    • "TSLA is flooded with cash and does not have any more financial concerns"

      That doesn't stop people from making money by shorting. Take monsanto, which recently was hit with a bunch of bad press and fell more than 10%.

      The short thesis right now is that the current market cap is not justified given what happened. and people going in for quick money on the long side should expect some pain in the near future.

    • Patience! Tesla raised $1.1B and has $760M after paying off the DOE. As Elon indicated he is focussed on the long term:
      1. Optimizing the design of Model S to make it easier to manufacture
      2. Tightening the precision of the automated manufacturing to improve quality and eliminate rework
      3. Optimizing the supply chain to cut costs and improve quality
      4. Improving Supercharger tech so that it is faster and deploying the network in North America, Europe, Japan and even China. It certainly increases the addressable market.

      Elon is not interested in boosting sales in the short term, cutting capex, R&D, service, etc. When all the pieces are in place, only then he will scale production. He will continue investing heavily in R&D, design, manufacturing, automation, global sales, support, and Supercharger deployment. Elon Musk is not the timid kind who will sit on the cash.

      From an investment point of view, I think the easy money has been made in the short term. Personally, I piled in on stock earlier in the year and then went on margin when it started to break out. As I mentioned before, it was like betting against the house deck in Blackjack after all the low cards were gone. I suspect most of the shorts have covered. So I exited my margin starting at 107. Now I am sitting on my core TSLA holdings for the long haul. I think that leverage/margin on the long and short side do not offer enough reward for the risks.

      I think Tesla has sustainable competitive advantages with IPRs in battery management, unique induction+inverter tech. Supercharger tech, and even the software/tablet that runs the car. Then there is Elon Musk + great technical and design team. He even has a good market sense... he boosted the stock, squeezed the shorts and raised $1.1B with stock+convertibles. Competition like who? Fuddy ruddy GM, Ford, Chrysler? Mercedes, BMW, VW, etc, are run by great engineers stuck in the ICE age mostly. BEVs are just a side bet for them.

    • Listen people, for all the little investors buying one and two shares of Tesla hoping to make $100, stop crying because in reality, the shorts do not need to cover. They can wait this game out as long as they want until the right moment and then unload on Tesla sending the stock down to the ground where Mr. Musk will then be on his knees, mouth open, saying, mmmm

    • Shorts better buy and cover NOW! Market is back to bullish mode.

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    • Warned you shorts to buy and cover. This stock will go beyond $200 eventually.

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