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  • lebu64 lebu64 Jul 1, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    Sign the Petition Folks

    Franchise Dealerships are not needed for this next generation of high-reliable cars (EVs).
    Chase out the middleman.
    Crooked Ernie and Slick Willie can still find jobs as Walmart greeters.

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    • I did sign the petition. I am long and have been since March below $40. That being said, I believe this petition will be fruitless, not because the required number of signatures will not be reached, but because I do not believe Obama can issue an executive order that will be binding on individual states. It may however generate attention within individual states that their respective legislatures are being bought off by NADA. If an executive order is issued, perhaps it will generate a constitutional challenge which ultimately would be good for Tesla, but would probably take a few years to get worked through the system. Then again, perhaps a circuit court would uphold the order until the Supreme court agrees to hear it.

    • It will be another great contribution from Tesla if this starts a trend to break the stealership system. Please everyone sign and forward to your family and friends and ask them to sign too.

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