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  • bigbluerawks bigbluerawks Jul 3, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    Priced to perfection

    Virtually no upside at these levels and enormous downside risk. It will plummet 70 points on the first sign of any bad news. Only a bubble happy idiot would go long at these levels

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    • Correction priced to over perfetion Tesla may be sellin a few cars but missing out on 90% of the 7-12 yr auto replacement cycle Ford GM and Toyota are cleanning up lots of downside now for tsla.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Evidently you did not hear that Cameron Diaz bought one.

    • But, but, but, President Quack Quack received theit petition!

    • you obviously have no idea what you are talking about... 70 points is a little to harsh... I give you some pull backs if earnings disappoints, but people will just buy into weakness because this is a game changer.

      You are welcome to try shorting like many (including myself) have tried before. I sometimes short it for an hour or so, but waiting for a medium term pull back can be very costly.

      Please do us a favor and post your short when you do decide to go short.

    • forrest.farokhi Jul 3, 2013 10:06 AM Flag

      There is no data that is set to come out that will cause Tesla to fall. We know the product and we know it works, and we know the CEO is remarkably intelligent.

      People who have invested until this point understand the high potential that this company will revolutionize the industry. Until July 22nd when they will almost certainly release profitable earnings, there really isnt a reason to sell this company unless you don't have balls and/or faith in this product. I'm not scared of losing 2-3 points because of some article because in the long run it will prove itself.

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      • That's part of the problem Forrest. People don't understand what a long term hold is. Stocks will bump up and down, but if you're invested in a dynamic growing enterprise, you will be well rewarded by merely holding the stock. I think this is a holder for the long term. More money has been made by holding stocks long term than you would believe.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • plenty of powerful and influential competition preventing Tesla from having outlets/dealerships (as apposed to just showrooms) I know that in Virginia, the DMV denied Tesla Motors a Dealership License. Maybe just a minor set-back . Probably because the press has touted that Tesla is one of the best cars ever built, and American car makers especially are worried. Most, as you know, are garbage - but then again, most aren't an average of $70,000. When Tesla has one of the best cars built at around $25,000 retail sell, and the infrastructure exists to support it, it will dominate the car industry, much like Toyota has. But there's that big "IF"

    • we been hearing about the "mysterious fantasy downside" FOR WEEKS...

      get a life... besides negative pumping for "whoever" HAVE NO CREDIBILITY HERE...

      "this is a "range" supported stock now... beside the "pop upside" potential with any real news...THEN the "range" just moves up a bit higher... like that...

      so you buy sell occasionally to make a few dollars... never short (shorts know why)...

      and just ride "the long steady upward climb"...

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      • if you look at "almost all trades" with very few exceptions...they are mostly in "100" lots...

        this is "NOT" big money TRADING this stock... THEY probably monitor the stock...if they have to do a price support... but other than that "this is A RANGE TRADE" of INDIVIDUALS mostly buying and selling 100 shares WITHIN THE RANGE...

        so this is a "great stock" to range trade (because it''s overall stability is protected by big money)...yet you can make a "few bucks" ...selling at the high end of the range...AND BUYING BACK IN AGAIN AT THE LOW END OF THE RANGE... their are "very few stocks" with this kind of 'play and overall price stability"...

        and the "range keeps week by week moving up" you can sit back like the "big money" and just wait for the "inevitable LONG term" appreciation ...(I estimate 20-30x within 3/4 years)...pretty good safe long return...

        better than bonds...better than almost all stocks,'s like that...

    • there is 'no bad new for Tesla"

      oil prices run up on flare up in mid-east... that's "bad news" BUT NOT FOR TESLA...

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