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  • odessguy odessguy Jul 6, 2013 1:08 PM Flag

    New hydrogen technology will kill TESLA....

    Major automakers will implement this as earlier in next year....
    This pig will collapse.

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    • LOl! Nearly every argument you guys use against EVs even when not true are off the charts more applicable to hydrogen or fuel cells (and to a large extent nat gas)-and a long, long time from being addressed.

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    • let me guess next you'll be telling us that Kodak is making a new kind of film that will make digital obsolete too?

    • Human Flatulent Powered skateboards have a better chance than hydrogen technology. TESLA isn't for you. Move along.

    • You do realize that producing hydrogen gas for fuel at very low pressures using electricity (hydrogen electrolysis) is only 50% efficient right? Then that hydrogen still needs to be compressed or cooled to cryogenic temperatures to make it cold enough so that you can get decent range out of a full tank. So you are looking at maybe 30-40% efficiency just to make the fuel from electricity.Then you need the fuel cell to convert the hydrogen back to electricity. The most efficient PEM fuel cells are only 55% efficiency.

      That gives you a 40% efficiency reduced by another 55%, for an overall efficiency of 22% from the electrical grid. That is horrible considering EV battery charging is closer to 85% efficient. And don't forget, the hydrogen fuel cell cars still use electric motors for propulsion and they still need batteries to store the charge and smooth out high current pulses.

      Sorry, but fuel cell cars are not the future in my (and Elon's) opinion. GM, Honda, etc have been dumping money into fuel cells since the 80's with little show, meanwhile battery advancements have taken off like one of the Space X rockets.

    • I don't think hydrogen fuel cell cars make it because the infrastructure is so sparse.. The reality is EV charge stations are 99 % complete. Your house is your own refuel station 99% of the time. If you say " what about apartment or condo dwellers". Ok then we are 75 % complete on EV charge stations and condos won't be that challenging to add modest level II charging.

      100 strategically placed SC stations will service the bulk of EV travel. Toss in a few thousand Level II stations already in service and EV infrastructure is close at hand.

      Until another auto company swallows their PRIDE and announces they are building high speed charging Tesla will have the advantage.

      Hydrogen does not worry me. Ford, BMW or Nissan announcing a 200 + mile range car and a fast charging network would worry me.

      Long and fully hedged. Impossible for me to loose money on my TSLA

    • Haha, right. Hydrogen "technology" is about as new as the Hindenburg. Look it up.

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