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  • playboy210 playboy210 Jul 11, 2013 2:28 PM Flag

    I Had Bought Tesla at $74 a Share......(Need Advice)

    I had ended up selling it at $84 a share four days later. Never in my wildest dream did I think it would be at $120-$125 range only three months later. I feel ashamed. I am hurt. I badly needed money for a relative's surgery and I didn't come through in the stock market to attain it as I had planned.

    Going forward I must be brave. Is there any other stocks out there that have a similar linear growth potential as does and did Tesla or possibly Solar City? What is the ceiling price wise for TSLA or SCTY? Is it too late to get into both of these at the prices they are in now?

    How about other stocks such as TEAR or SODA? Are there any others out there I can still get in and make a good profit from at this point in time? Please anything sort of hints or advice for what's the next big bull stock would be appreciated.

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    • ddeboy Jul 15, 2013 8:21 AM Flag

      don't kid yourself. If you are happy with your profit take it. I'm not happy with mine yet and I bought most of my shares at 27 and 33. Just to give you an idea.

    • I've been on both sides of the trades. I've lost big and I've stepped aside and kicked myself for what would've been had I acted. All I can say is that an actual loss, that is truly deep, IS far worse than seeing even a huge gain get away. Both are tough, but the losses are real. The big gains you envision are really just Monday morning quarterbacking because you don't really know if you would've stayed in that whole time anyway - do not fret - wait till after earnings (it could sell off some) and try to find a good base if it does. I'm not selling, but only because my gains will not erode but a small amount. (not trying to brag). I may add more depending...but just riding out my long position, and a few (20) option contracts I have. Hope it helps

    • I am in at 35 and am clueless. I don't see any sell signals yet.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The Real Thing...Not Coke, but PLSB...

    • I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR ADVICE AND OPINIONS. I DECIDED TO GO WITH TearLab yesterday at 11.40 a share. I will buy and hold this till it hits in the $16 range. Thank you all for the help. Especially those that recommended the 3D imaging and printing stocks. I heard one of those may be game changers soon.

    • DDD. got a looooooong way to go. getting into the metal market now.

    • I wished you asked yesterday.. I've been long in celg (biotech) for a few years. There has been a string of good news the past few weeks with little or no bump. Today up 7%.. There's still room for much growth through recent partnerships and positive test results on some of their products.

    • I am sorry for your situation but do not use the stock market as a means to cash-out on a fast win. You may as well go buy lottery tickets. If you want steady 10-20% annual growth, the market can do that. Otherwise, you have some serious risk in trying to catch a rising star.

      What other relatives are out there to assist? I assume this relative you have is one without health insurance? There are some hospitals which will do charity work or some doctors who donate their time if the cause is right. If you have to, do a charity dinner in town or some other event for donations. What amount do you need to raise?

      The way to have raised a lot of money would have been to buy TSLA July call options before Q1 earnings.

    • I was trading it near earnings between 50's and 60 high, then bough in big at 50, I am in lower but 75% of my shares at 50, then 70's....
      I put a stop loss at 85 after we popped over 100, to 124, it fell back to 88 one day then back up. whew glad it did not hit that sale......

      Hey, this is a rare find. Look at the top stocks this year,, I missed Netflix day of earnings in January I had a note buy, jumped like 50 or so after earnings, bought back in at 160, sold at 240 this week, that one took the gains, TSLA still holding, but Netflix and Tesla top gainers this year, but they can fall as hard. I had netflix was it 2010, thing popped to 300, the collapsed,, sold at maybe 140, thinking it would bounce back.

      Biotech has been my best play, Jazz from 3 bucks in 2009 to a new high today 74 plus.. but if I had bought more than 2000 shares, I imagine 50k, id be set, but done well People were scared as I was in 2009, WYN my wifes co fell below 3 bucks, now almost 60,, I hve some, but her 401k nice.. but Jazz had been about 50 cents at the lows in March 2009..

      Too bad no redo or go back :)

      Would have bought Jazz, WYN was it dollar rent a car was like under a buck then bought out at like 80, well so many stocks I traded then , are duds today while others are flying high..

      I remember buying HIG at 13, sold at 26 , where is it today... so many ISLN great buy then EMC bought em. I was overseas in Peru, so all I did..

      DNDN I remember popping from 3 to 20s in April or May 2009 before the market really started to pull back up,, bought some at 6.. thing went to 60, now look at it... Need to stay on top, and as a long time Apple holder, the parabolic 75% jump last year then lot all those gains and then some, wow.. Still have half my position. That got me where I am today.. Blessed. Close on a new home tomorrow, Adopted a baby boy last October after my wif had breast cancer, so money is a blessing, but family learned the hard way important!


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • My two cents: Ask yourself if you want to be an investor or a gambler. If you're looking for a short term trade, you're gambling and it doesn't matter what you buy. Few short term traders do well over the long term (takes a special talent most of us will never have). You'll just be chasing charts and momentum. If you've got a long term horizon and you buy companies on fundamentals today that'll be worth more five years from now, you'll do better. Sounds like you bought the right stock (TSLA) for the wrong reason, so you missed out on the upside. Also keep in mind stocks like TSLA come around once in a blue moon. Six months from now we could be $250, or $50, neither of which much changes the likelihood that if you buy today, you'll be way ahead five years from now if you've got the disposition to hold. Good luck!

      Sentiment: Hold

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