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  • I dont know why people on the board cant be civil and discuss FACTS. Instead, passionate longs and shorts curse and belittle each other. We should be trading factoids so that we can all make the best decision on the stock. For example, search my history and youll find a post where I very calmly informed the board of my short position of $120.72, I was met with belligerent responses from over hyped people thinking TSLA would go to $300. Seriously? Did anyone truly think this would go straight to $300?

    The facts are that Tesla is a fantastic company with many great technologies and a rockstar CEO. They will be successful ONE DAY. The facts also point to prove that TSLA stock is extremely over valued. $14B for a company that hasnt truly proven itself yet? 1/3 of the valuation of GM? This thing is going down and I might lower my cover order from $105 to $95.

    Sentiment: Sell

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