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  • portfoliobuilder2003 portfoliobuilder2003 Jul 17, 2013 12:55 PM Flag

    TSLA will progress to 400 by year end regardless of what the shorts say.

    Oil will be exhausted in 30 years, battery cars is the sure way to go.

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    • did you write down a bunch of #'s in a hat and then pull one out and said that was the "target". LOL.

      Figure out the mkt cap at TSLA $400 assuming no more dilution...yeesh..

    • Because they say so...give me some factual reason....use all the bullish analyst number you want....I will destroy the myth before your're a bag holder for life...greed kills and all this hype in has given longs an awesome level to cash in on...if you ain't locking the ain't making a profit....get it..this was gift....the company has zero chance of running 15% margins, zero....and that's without competition....guess competes with all other auto when all is said and done...forget the car really is a pos...the engine nope all good...battery well not the range they claim but still the best so far....Tesla biggest mistake...teaming up with MB and using MB inspired items....but they have the battery deal with MB....guess who's coming to the market...FACT...MB using a Tesla battery....Guess who's been making cars for decades???guess who is going to f Tesla....MB.....MB will make a better electric car with tesla's battery....all good battery sale profits...lololol....wake the f up....THERE'S A REASON WHY NO ONE EVER STEPPED UP TO TAKE THEM OVER ON THE CHEAP you'll learn....

      Theirs a thousand of reason to short this bloat and hype is the only reason to be long.....

      Show’em you’re a tiger, Show’em what you can do, the taste of Tony’s Frosted Flakes, brings out the tiger in you, in you!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • ispamm Jul 17, 2013 1:18 PM Flag

      Oil won't be exhausted. The first world countries will move away from oil far before it becomes exhausted.

    • There is not a sufficient pool of car buyers for a car this expensive. Into the tank she'll go.

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