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  • jmcchen jmcchen Jul 27, 2013 5:55 AM Flag

    why worry about bmw i3 release on monday? its battery can drive only 160 miles.

    What a joke? Tsla should make new all time high on monday trading. The best are yet to come.

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    • Plus, did you compare the styling of the BMW i3 to that of the Model S. The i3 looks like it was designed by.....Germans. haha. Their engineering may be wonderful, although I owned a VW Passat that was a piece of cr#p, but they should hire a few Italians for their styling department. Just sayin'

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      • Lets not get too over confident. Tesla styling is unmatched, and the freakin Leaf still outsells it.

        Elon will deal with this competition, but its not going to be as easy as we once thought.

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      • yeah tell that to apple stock holders .... competetion from other big players hasnt hurt stock price at all!
        first smart phones were not as good as iphone but next generation surpassed them. Dont worry put your rose colored glasses back on and keep dreaming. TSLA is more than a little generous with their range estimates. Wait til someone sues them when they get stranded after 100 miles of hard driving! TSLA is priced as if everything will only get better ... the hard part has not even started.
        Great car though .... really wish the investment was made in grid first not trying to put more strain on it!

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    • You should be worried about BMW. The i3 and i8 are just a sign of whats to come in regard to competition for Tesla. Tesla is already outsold by more than two to one by competitors BEV's. Even the Leaf alone outsells it.

      ... with the competitors BEV's and EV's coming out within the next year, including a Toyota fuel cell vehicle, Tesla is going to remain a niche player.

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