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  • ajax9999 ajax9999 Jul 27, 2013 10:30 AM Flag

    WHY do people get excited about a car that gets on average 50% of its power from coal?

    lets get off coal first and fix the grid before fooling ourselves into thinking EVs are green, because right now they are not for the average user. Without tax payer funding through credits these EVs would not even be profitable. But dont worry obummer has plans to increase your taxes to help pay for these schemes! YIPPI!

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    • Coal fired plants are shutting down slowly. Your plan would require no electric cars for more than a generation. That suggests you have an ulterior motive. The rebates from Washington are a small percentage of the up-market Model S's cost and probably don't affect retail sales much.

      In past years the cost of oil to US taxpayers was heavily subsidized from general revenues and so often debt. That subsidy includes nearly all US expenses in the Sand Trap since the Cold War.

      If the President's predecessor had been able to continue, we would be in a Depression and you, most likely, would be in the street.

    • Good grief, listen to yourself.

    • My power comes form hydroelectric dams, 100% clean. 100% cheap. .027 kWh. Welcome to WA state.

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    • EVs may not be for the average user right now, but they could work fine for 10% or more of users today. Tesla only needs to sell less than 1 in 1000 new cars to meet their goals

    • Your argument implies burning coal is worse than gasoline. Would you advocate every single home having a gasoline-based generator to produce electricity to fix the grid?

    • curt.renz Jul 27, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

      Tesla Motors' Supercharger stations are free and powered by the Sun. In the meantime our president is pushing power plants to switch to cleaner fuels.

      In the case of gasoline powered engines, not only is gasoline being burned but also electricity from coal powered plants is used to refine the gasoline.

      The tax credit is not given to the manufacturers of electric vehicles. It is a tax reduction for the purchasers of electric vehicles. Hence taxpayers are not "funding" but instead are allowed to pay less taxes. Who is against lower taxes?

      I've learned to bet against those who invest with a strong political slant and use derogatory names for politicians with whom they disagree.

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